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SM 70BK, SM 70BC, SM 70
Cuisinart SM-70BK 7-Quart Stand Mixer, Black SM%2D70BK SM%2D70BC SM70


Cuisinart is changing the way the world mixes! This phenomenal new stand mixer delivers more power, more capacity, and more options - and it comes with the best name in the business!

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Works as good, if not better than KA. So happy I went with Cuisinart . Comes with a 3 year manufactures warranty as opposed to KA measly 1 year. I bake bread once or twice a week and this is a powerhouse. No regrets!




nice mixer


I bought this so I wouldnt have to mix and knead dough by hand and I have to say I love this and have used it so many times since I purchased it in December! It comes with attachments and stainless steel mixing bowl! Works great and the bowl is nice size I dont have to worry about stuff flying out!


SuzanneH, Erie, PA


One of my favorite appliances


I think my favorite part of my Cuisinart mixer is the sheer amount of choices I have in terms of speed: 12 different settings! I actually have the option to use a speed that isn't quite super-fast, but not quite slow either. In addition to that, there's a "fold" and timer, both of which are so, so useful. Comparing this to my experience with a Kitchen Aid, it's much easier to load the bowl. It's also lighter and, in my opinion, quieter. The Cuisinart mixer doesn't quite move around as much when it's on: it tends to stay in the same position, even at the highest speed. Even though there aren't as many attachments available for the Cuisinart, I love it. I use this for both my pastries and my bread: the dough hook is nice and sturdy, and prevents the dough from slipping and sliding (even if there's additional fats added, i.e. brioche). It kneads my breads well, well enough that after proofing I'm left with a beautiful loaf that amazes my family and friends.




Cuisinart SM-70BK 7-Quart Stand Mixer, Black SM%2D70BK SM%2D70BC SM70

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