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Cuisinart PowerSelect 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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Cuisinart Mixer doesn't have good "low" speed; still works well


Even though I have a stand mixer, there are just some times that you need a good hand mixer. The problem with most mixers I've used is that the center posts on the beaters sometimes get clogged up with dough/batter, and if you're not careful, it works its way up into the vents for the motor... not a good thing, because it's not exactly easy to clean out! The Cuisinart HM-50 5 speed mixer solves this problem by getting rid of that center post; there's nowhere for the dough/batter to get caught up. The beater attachments are also fairly long, so the batter would have to work itself up ridiculously high for it to come anywhere near the motor anyway. I do like that this mixer is strong enough to handle even the stickiest of doughs (which my old Hamilton Beach mixer never could handle) without getting bogged down. The only issue I really have with this mixer is that the low speed isn't really very low or slow. It starts off too fast, which is somewhat of a problem when trying to beat something light or powdery (cake/pudding mixes, creaming sugar into butter, etc). The best solution I've found is to use a very large bowl (8 qts) which is deep enough and wide enough to contain any wayward ingredients.

Franklin, WI


Great mixer, easy to use!


The Cuisinart PowerSelect 5 speed hand mixer is great! It is not only easy to use but helps to get jobs done quickly. Some of the pros of the cuisinart powerselect 5 speed hand mixer are: easy to use, easy to clean, mixes quickly and efficiently, comes in a few different colors, lasts long (i've had mine for over 6 years and use it almost daily and it is still in great condition), attachments are dishwasher safe, which makes for an even easier clean up!, easy to hold and easy for kids to use too! some of the cons of the cuisinart powerselect 5 speed hand mixer are: Not sure if they are available anymore, I have only recently seen the newer version of this which i believe is a 7 speed hand mixer and it is significantly more money than the 5 speed hand mixer This is a really great product by a really great company, anyone who wants a simple, easy to use hand mixer should consider purchasing this product!

Itasca, IL


Handles the stiffest cookie dough!


 I received a new Cuisinart PowerSelect 5 speed Electronic hand mixer as a Christmas gift. I had been using my old reliable Black & Decker hand mixer (very very old) that I had bought myself 25 years ago. The new Cuisinart is extremely powerful-as a matter of fact I haven't had the nerve to rev it up over a 3! I do all my own baking, and take cookies to the office as a way to lighten up the mood of the office these days. I don't think there's much that a sugar cookie won't cure. This mixer is small and light and easy to handle, and it's got this really neat swivel cord so you can push the cord out of the way and it doesn't drag in your cake batter. Great for right or left-handed bakers, and helpful when you've got a plug on one side or the other in the kitchen. The Cuisinart comes with a set of wire beaters that are substantial enough to handle any cookie dough, and they don't have the center post going all the way through the beaters so your dough doesn't end up getting all hung up in your beaters. It also comes with a wire whisk for whipping cream, although I haven't tried that yet. That might be one drawback-this mixer is so powerful that I can easily see it slinging whipped cream all over the kitchen. For that I'll stick with my immersion blender. For all your other mixing needs, I recommend this one highly-I'm very pleased with it.

Louisville, KY


Cuisinart PowerSelect 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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