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Cuisinart Power Select 3-Speed Hand Mixer

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Nice product.


Cuisinart Power Select 3-Speed Hand Mixer CHM-3 was the my replacement hand mixer to the Black and decker I previously owned. I purchased this mixer online in White color. It comes in Red shade as well but I liked white better. It is a 3 speed mixer which actually works as it must. The low speed is really low which enables me to mix liquid and solid without splashing around. I use it all the time to prepare cake batter, whip cream, eggs, make dough etc. the beaters are detachable and easy to clean. The machine itself is not heavy and is easy to use and handle. Above everything, it is not that costly and definitely works better than it costs. I'd buy it even for ten more bucks. The best things is the beaters doesn't have center post which makes it extra easy to take care and wash them. I must say this is an affordable, mess free, good performance hand mixer, definitely excellent for the price.



A good traditional hand mixer


I have had this hand mixer for over three years now, and it's still like new. I love baking sweets, and especially cakes!!!! I got this mixer as a present. I loved it and still do until today. I'm not a big fan of the big mixers with bowls, I think it's a hassle to take it out and use it for one cake. So I prefer the hand mixer for a small family. I made plenty of cakes and cupcakes for my family with this cuisinart hand mixer, and it's still in a perfect shape. Which tells me that it's a very durable tool. This cuisinart hand mixer comes with three settings, 1 to 3. I never used the 3 setting, at least not yet, because the 1 and 2 are powerful enough to whipup anything you want. It's also very easy to clean. You just have to detach the two beaters wash them or put them in the dish washer, and just wipe the mixer if anything splashed on it. I do recommend this cuisinart hand mixer!!! Mixing Performance Very strong Ease of Cleaning Easily cleaned



Cuisinart Power Select 3-Speed Hand Mixer

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