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Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand/Stand Mixer

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A great hand and stand mixer


I've been a Cuisinart fan for years and this is one of their great mixers. This Cuisinart Mixer as it can be used both as a handheld mixer and a stand mixer, offering you a great deal of versatility. It works fabulously for me, made cookies the batter turned out so great with no fussing about with the mixer. Even my cupcake batters was completely smooth with no lumps and it didn't require me to hand mix it myself since it gave me the consistency I wanted. It is priced well since I got the 3.5 qt flat bottomed bowl, a spatula, 1 set of beaters, dough hooks and a bubble whisk. This compact Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage Handheld/Stand Mixer doesn't take up too much space on my kitchen counter, I also really enjoy that the bowl spins while mixing; the power is substantial for all my mixing needs. I recommend all bakers to purchase this Cuisinart Mixer as it is quite durable and can handle any mixing task from cake batter's to pizza and bread dough's.




Cuisinart HSM-70 220 Watts Hand/Stand Mixer


My husband was shopping for me for Christmas this year since I love to cook he was in the housewares department and thought that I did not have a standing mixer, so he got me one.  The truth is I do have a standing mixer but it is over 20 years old, but is still works just fine.  But the new mixers are so pretty I was still happy to get the Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage Hand/Stand Mixer that my husband got me, but I am not going to throw out the old one as it has always served well.  The Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage Hand/Stand Mixer is a both a standing mixer and can be released to use as a hand mixer.  The mixer has 7 speeds and a LCD display, which is completely un-neccessary but everything has to be high tech these days.  The LCD basically tells you what speed you are on.  Kind of a silly waste of technology but, Oh well.  It has 220 watts of power and SmoothStart® feature with 3 low mixing speeds.  The top of the mixer tilts back from the base so that you can release the bowl.  The mixer part also becomes easily detached from the base so that you can use it has a hand mixer.  The mixer comes with a tall stainless steel mixing bowl, flat mixing beaters, dough hooks and professional chef's whisk, and an Instruction and recipe book. The mixer is pretty compact for a standup mixer since the bowl is rounder and not as wide and the whole unit takes up less space then my old one.  I still prefer the old wide opened bowl though to the taller thinner bowl, but that is probably just because I am more used to the wider bowl.  When it is mixing it tends to mix around the outside of the bowl rather then how my old one would mix in the middle and then you could could carefully push stuff from the sides in.  This one you kind of have to stop it and push the stuff out toward the beaters, this is not as easy as pushing them in to the beaters and not very safe so you literally have to turn it off to do this.  Another thing I have noticed is when I am mixing something a little on the thicker side that it starts to get a bit of a burning smell.  It has never burned out, but that is usually because once I smell that I stop using it and beat a little by hand and then try again.  But I fear it is not powerful enough to do some jobs without burning its motor out.  I like the sleek design up this mixer and the fact that it takes little space and I also like all the settings, but I am a little weary about the how long it will actually continue to work. Mine is less than  months old and has been used 3 times and it already seems stressed out.  I am giving this a very light recommendation. Mixing Performance It mixes things that are on the thinner side just fine, but it seems to struggle with thicker things a bit. It starts to get a burning smell and I have to turn it off. Ease of Cleaning Same as any standing mixer. It wipes off fairly easily with a wet cloth. The bowl is dishwasher safe. Ease of Use A little more difficult to use because of the thinner bowl. You have to stop it to scrape the sides safely. Design The design is nice it takes up less space then most standing mixers. The bowl is thinner and taller which looks nice but I don't find it as functional. Durability I fear this will not stand the test of time. I often smell a burning smell and have to turn it off right away. I have a feeling if I ever push it beyond it is going to burn out.


Crystal Lake, IL


love it!


I have been making home made bread for my husband. He is allergic to wheat, dairy and corn. So we have to be very careful what we buy. Making bread at home seemed like the best option. But, it is not that easy. Many times, even with regular bread, stirring is exhausting work. I really need a stand mixer to do it for me, since I make so many loaves a week. I could not afford the fancy, schmancy brands, and saw this and thought I'd give it a try. This was able to mix the bread dough without any trouble. It was plenty powerful enough to handle sticky bread dough. A very cool feature is the stand mixer, is also a hand mixer. The top comes off to use by hand or you can connect it to the stand. The top part also can be tipped back to get it out of the way to lift off the bowl and remove it. It has varying speeds on the hand mixer part and another cool feature was it was digital! I had not seen that on a mixer before. I have been pleased so far.


Placerville, CA


Good for some things


This is my first stand mixer.  I found it on a super deal that I couldn't pass up so I can try it out for a few years to see if it is worth investing in a nicer, more expensive, stand mixer.  That being said, I didn't expect much.  This mixer does a great job with cookie dough, in fact I have made a ton of cookies lately because it so much easier than doing it all by hand.  I did try bread dough and it did not work.  I have a small kitchen so I love that it is small and the hand mixer detaches.  I think your love of this mixer will be based on what you expect to get out of it.  If you love to make bread, I don't recommend it.  If you are, like me, not a bread maker, and not sure how much you would use a stand mixer in the first place, I do recommend it.  For the price I paid I have no complaints, but I totally see how a busier cook/baker might not like it.    


Garland, UT


Cuisinart HSM-70 Mixer is cheaply made


For Christmas last year, my fiance purchased a Cuisinart HSM-70 Power Advantage 7-SPEED Hand/Stand Mixer.  I enjoyed using it with the option of being a stand or hand mixer.  The stand was light making the mixer easy to move around.  I made cookies, brownies, cakes, among other deserts with the Cuisinart Mixer.  Just a few months ago, we were making cupcakes and didn't add enough water to the mixture.  The mixture quickly turned into a thick sugar cookie mass and within an instant the mixer sparked, began smoking, and quit working all together.  I am partly to blame for the failure of the mixer; however, at this point I found it cheaply made and a believer you get what you pay for.  Luckily I had my Kitchen Aid hand mixer that I've owned for over 5 years to finish the job.  The Cuisinart Mixer's interface/controls easy to use and comes with a 3.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl.  From my experience I would not recommend this mixer to anyone, pay a little extra and get something more sturdy.


Dunedin, FL


Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand/Stand Mixer

3.6 5