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Cuisinart Limited Edition Metal 14-Cup Food Processor

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Couldn't cook without it!


I literally use this food processor at least once, sometimes more than four times a day! I use it to do everything from chopping veggies to shredding cheese! I originally bought it to make baby food for my daughter, and it was absolutely perfect for that! Now it has become the one kitchen appliance I can't live without. I have used most of the attachments and they work very well. I actually gave away my blender and smaller food processer because this is the only one I need. I use it to make hummus, salsa, guacamole, smoothies, pie crusts, you name it-I've tried to use this to make it! After using it continuously for almost two years I have never had one problem with it. If it broke I would replace it immediately without thinking twice.

Naperville, IL


Really a 'can't live without' kitchen appliance


I purchased this food processor last year, having given my ex the custody of my previous 11-cup Cuisinart food processor.  This is truly a heavy-duty appliance and I expect it will last me the rest of my life.  Speaking of time - the warranty is 3 years 'bumper to bumper' and 20 - yes - TWENTY - years on the motor!  When was the last time you saw anything with a twenty-year warranty? With 3/4 horsepower (more than my first car, I think), you can chop, blend, shred and grate through just about anything.  The cutting disks are all metal  - no cracking plastic disks after the first couple of years.  (Remember - NEVER put your cutting blades and disks through the dishwasher - treat them like you would your high-quality knives.) The feed tube system has been changed from my older model - this one is much more convenient.  The included whisk attachment makes fabulous whipped cream in no time flat. The base is shiny stainless steel - real metal, not plastic painted to look like metal.  The buttons have been updated to make them easier to clean than my last one, too.  It looks elegant on my counter - which is good since it's quite heavy and I use it a LOT.  I wouldn't want to be wrestling it in and out of the cabinet at couple times a week, that's for certain.

Beaverton, OR


I use this at least 4 times a week


This is a wonderful food processor that I use frequently.  Some of my staples in it include making hummus, baby food, chopping carrots, and cucumbers.  It's loud, but aren't all food processors loud?  I would be lost without it because I depend it for so many of my recipes.  I also notice that I use it to make a lot of healthy recipes! For instance, you can make hummus in it buy putting a can of chickpeas in it with 2 tablespoons of olive oild, 2 tablespoons of lemon, and 2 cloves of garlic and the puree it! I then slice cucumbers to dip in it.  It's so easy to make with this food processor and it's among one of our healthy favorites to eat with dinner and for snacks. I also love to make my own homemade baby food in it for my son. Baby food can get expensive, but if you are lucky enough to have this food processor, it's fairly inexpensive to make it on your own by steaming and pureeing vegetables.

Logan, UT


Cuisinart Metal 14-cup food processor


After 30 years of using my Cuisinart DL7 pro, I decided to upgrade to this model.  I recieved it for a Christmas present last year and love it to death!!  This is amazing!  I got the 14-cup processor because of the three different size work bowls.  It is wonderful because you can choose which size work bowl based on the size of what you need.  Easy to clean and comes with a nice case to store blades, etc.  They have just come out with two additional disks that can be purchased, a french fry cutter and a juilienne blade.  This item may seem a little pricy, but it is definitely worth it.  You have to keep in mind that this is a lifetime purchase.  You will probably not need to replace it for at least 25-30 years or so.  I cannot imagine my kitchen without this food processor! It has a very powerful motor and is very heavy and sturdy.  Definitely a high quality product.  After my experience with Cuisinart in the past, this is the only brand I would consider when purchasing a food processor. 

Roswell, GA


Cuisinart Limited Edition Metal 14-Cup Food Processor

5.0 4