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Cuisinart Griddler Express Contact Grill

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Versatile & Useful Cuisinart Grill


If I had more counterspace, I'd leave my Cuisinart grill out all the time. My husband and I use it for hamburgers, panini sandwiches, naan, and quesadillas. I've heard it's great for grilling chicken too, though I haven't tried that yet. The knob for adjusting the heat doesn't seem to do much- it seems like there is really only one temperature, but that has worked just fine for us. Like all grills, It is a pain to clean, and it smokes when heated if we don't clean it. It feels quite sturdy, the handle is solid and it has small plastic curves where it can be held when hot. It seems like it will last forever, as it really hasn't shown any wear and tear in 18 months, and it has encouraged me to try new things with my cooking. I was pleased that it works as a substitite for a traditional grill for making naan bread, and I suppose I could use it for other things that normally require an outdoor grill; I feel like it has lot of potential. Oh, and it also cooks food rather quickly.


Logan, UT


Cuisinart Griddler Express Contact Grill

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