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Cuisinart Food Chopper - cup - Die Cast CH-4DCC


The powerful high-speed motor on this chopper and grinder works hard and fast to accomplish small jobs with ease. Chop herbs, onions, and garlic; grind spices or hard cheese; purée baby foods; blend homemade mayonnaise and flavoured butter - all in this one compact machine. The chopper's compact design makes it small enough to keep on the counter. The 4-cup work bowl is the ideal size for many food prep tasks. A blade lock system secures the blade in place after use for easy, user-friendly pouring. Chop and grind touchpad controls and an auto-reversing blade offer powerful processing options at the touch of a button. Size: 4 cups Colour/Pattern: Die cast Capacity: 4 cups/1 litre Warranty: 18 months limited Product of China NOTE: Cuisinart 4-cup Chopper/Grinder

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I love this little guy!


I have had the Cuisinart mini 4-Cup Food Processor for quite a few years now. I cook on a daily basis, and am always chopping something up. For the longest time I never owned any type of food processor, as they always seemed intimidating. Before I bit the bullet and got the full-sized thing, I got this little food processor as a Christmas gift. I absolutely LOVE this thing. It is perfect for mid-sized jobs, and I especially love that it's small, easy to wash and put away. Lugging out the full-sized food processor is SUCH a job, so I really love this little one. The blade on this is super sharp - so be careful - and it can cut through some pretty tough stuff. I often use it to chop veggies - carrots, onions, celery, etc. - for soups or stews. It can make things into purees, it can chop meat, help you to blend flour for batter, etc. I even tried once making almond butter with this little powerhouse. And...it worked! This thing is really strong and can handle most jobs. At this point the lid has cracked on mine, so it takes some maneuvering to get it on so you can get the motor started, but it does still work. And otherwise I am so happy with the performance on this thing I can't stand the thought of getting rid of it. A+ appliance - I love this thing!




Good for smaller batches


I originally purchased this to make my own oatmeal flour and then I discovered the awesomeness of food processing! I love love love this little guy. It is perfect for those one batch jobs. I would not, however, recommend this if you are making a large batch of stuff. My personally favorite thing to make are chicken nuggets and it honestly takes 5 minutes with this little guy. It does a great job and has a really powerful motor. My one complaint is that food does get stuck up around the bowl, but this can easily be remedied by a quick flip of the spatula. This is also a good bang for the buck. I recommend it for any mom or family cook!




Adequate for small jobs


It's a decent chopper for the size and price. It suits my needs but I rarely cook large quantities of food that require a larger food processor. Power I've used it on many different types of food and never had a problem with it. It will chop, puree' or totally liquefy anything I put in there so far. Safety Good design on safety. It has redundant safety locks which make it virtually impossible to get injured. Can be a little aggravating at times making sure all locks are secure. Ease of Assembly Simple. About 6 pieces. No problem to assemble. Ease of Cleaning Can be hand washed or placed in dishwasher. Durability I've had mine a few years and its held up fine. However I don't use mine that frequently.


Trinity, AL


A little disappointing


Disappointing is all I can say about the durability of this item.  I have had it for less than a year and it already is having problems.  There are time when I get everything into the bowl ready to turn it on and nothing happens. The little spring that lets the machine know the lid is on and secured wears out quickly.  Then it will not run at all.  I will open and close it three or four times and finally it will turn on.  I have a very old food processor about 20 years old.  It is wearing out so since I usually only process small amounts of food I got this one.  Well at first it was fine.  It is very loud compared to my old one.  My husband said it sounds like a jet engine.  I don't think it is that loud but definately louder than my old one.  When it is working it works quite well.  I can chop onions in a flash, carrots very easily and celery.  I have used it to make a pastry crust and pizza dough.  I just wish it would have held up better. Durability This item died after 1 year of occasional use.


Portland, OR


Small Cuisinart for light duty


This is a good food processor for light jobs. It's not going to last forever if you use it everyday or abuse it. It is also not a blender :) If you use this for foods that are hard to cut or chop, it is going to wear out faster. This is a great starter processor for someone who is not ready to invest in a piece with a serious long warranty. it's not going to change your life but it will make basic food prep easier. If you accept its limitations, it is a great addition to a small kitchen when you are not working with large amounts of food. The small size makes it easier to clean and store. There is also a stainless steel version which looks a bit nicer but costs a little but more. Also consider if the 4 cup size is really big enough for your needs.


Bothell, WA


Great little multi-use guy


I love this little guy. My kitchen would be entirely incomplete without him. I have the small one - the 4 cup - because I rarely cook for a large enough group for this to not be sufficient. I guess other people with larger families or who throw lavish dinner parties might find reason to use a larger food proccessor. I use this to chop herbs, vegetables, anything and everything. I have used it to make humus, which is wonderful when homemade. My wife has arthritis in her hands that makes chopping difficult. She uses this baby daily to  prepare food for the family's meals without harming or tiring out her hands. It is truly essential in our daily life to have a sturdy food processor and this is the perfect fit for us. I have owned the same Cuisinart for something like five years now and have never had an issue. I have not needed to replace it and the motor is sitll going strong. I strongly reccommend that anyone who cooks purchase a Cuisinart food processor, whatever size suits your needs.


Trenton, NJ


I just got this and can't get enough!!!


I just recieved my Cuisinart CH4-4DC today! I got the die cast version that has the full metal base. I have used the normal ones which work great too,but the metal base makes it seem extra sturdy. I love the look of the metal! The bowl is clear plastic with a lid that also turns on. I like that it won't blend with the lid off which is a nice safety feature. The cord is shorter than expected,but if you use on a regular countertop I don't see you having any issues. This processor has a nice locking feature for the blade, so if you are pouring ingredients, it won't fall out into the bowl. It came with a nice small spatula of sorts, which I haven't used yet. The blades spins in two different directions. With the chop button makes the blade spin one way cutting with the sharp side which is better for softer items. The Grind button makes the blade spin the opposite way and uses the dull side of the blade for hader items like nuts. You can choose to hold down the button for a while or you can pulse which keeps the blade starting and stopping which can easily prevent items from getting stuck. I love this food processor and have made at least 5 dishes so far with it because I don't want to be behind for Thanksgiving!


Austin, TX


I am an expert in reviews because I have tried the products


I love this little food processor. I got it free along with cuisenart pots and pans and I use it all the time. It is small and compact so I can fit it right on my counter next to the coffee pot. It is easy to use and i've had it for over a year now. At first I just used it to grind coffee beans and it does a good job and is quick. Then I started using it for recepies to chop us spices and vegetables and other ingredients for cooking. I have also used it for a blended drink which required a blender to mix up and chop strawberries, but since I don't have a blender I used this and it was perfect. It isn't a large one but for me it's perfect. I don't have a lot of counter space and if I want to put it away, it goes neatly in a shelf, but I mainly keep it out because I use it every day for the coffee beans. I like this product and it came with directions and how to use it for a variety of foods. I would recommend this and one day I might get a larger size because I don't really need a blender as long as I have this.


Monrovia, CA


Looks good from the outside


Got this 4-cup food processor less than a month,  it's a good size food processor if you don't have a lot of food to chop or to blend. It does a terrific job when I first use it. However,  it is broken now after the second time. I did not put a lot of food in in but it does have a burn smell when I use it. In the beginning, I thought the smell was come from the lubrication oil and it was brand new!!! This processor does seems to have adequate power but maybe I got a defective unit instead.Anyway, it is very easy to assemble and use. In terms of cleaning, you might find some food went inside the center post and it is very hard to get it out. I wouldn't recommend to anyone who is going to use this processor to prepare a thick broth as it is going to leak though.I have other kitchen product from Cuisinart but never have a bad experience like this one. I only give 2-star because of it's look for this particular device. This unit is going back to the manufacturer for sure.


Sunnyvale, CA


Cuisinart Food Chopper - cup - Die Cast CH-4DCC

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