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Cuisinart Espresso Machine EM-100

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Great espresso from a workhorse of a machine!


I love espresso drinks--all of them. Thus, I had to have a machine to use every day. I've had several others before the Cuisinart, but none lasted for more than three years. This baby has been with me for over six years now and is still going strong. Brew Performance This espresso machine delivers near perfect espresso with a nice crema on top. Unlike some machines, especially stove top varieties, the espresso never tastes burnt. It is smooth, dark and rich. Of course, one has to have the right coffee ground correctly. But, it doesn't take long to figure that part of the equation out. The only issue I've had with this machine is with the frother. It only lasted three years. I've cleaned it, did everything mentioned on the Cuisinart site and maintenance pages, but it just won't work any more. It isn't a huge problem for me though. I use a hand blender to froth my milk now. Works well! Ease of Cleaning The outside wipes down with a damp cloth. The drip tray removes easily and can be cleaned with soap and water or placed in the dishwasher. I wipe the machine (where the coffee brew head screws onto) with a wet rag after each use. The filter baskets and brew head wash with soap and water easily. Ease of Use I fill the water reservoir with filtered water, fill the filter basket (that is inside the brew head) with coffee, screw it onto the machine and turn a knob for a perfect cup of espresso. It is very easy. When the espresso is done, I remove the brew head and wipe the machine. Done. Design I think it is beautiful. It's sleek and modern. Durability The espresso part of the machine just lasts and lasts. But, the frother died before its time.


Davis, CA


bye bye starbucks


This is a state of the art espresso machine that brews espresso perfectly and can make steaming milk a breeze. What is amazing about this machine is it brews the espresso quickly so that the coffee doesn't oxidize and turn bitter. Therefore, the espresso tastes richer and fuller, and absolutely delicious. It has a powerful steamer that makes even fat free milk taste creamy and rich. With this machine, I will never have to buy another drink from Starbucks or Pete's Coffee again because I can get better drinks just from the comfort of my own home. Brew Performance Absolutely amazing! This machine limits the oxidization of the espresso, making it taste bolder, richer, and stronger. No bitter espresso! Ease of Cleaning I find cleaning a breeze. I like to hand wash this product just to maximize the cleanliness so that my drinks taste amazing. Ease of Use This nimble machine is easy to use. The machine is easy to clean and making rich, high quality espresso drinks is a breeze. Design This is a nice, compact machine that is very minimal compared to other big, bulky looking espresso machines. Durability I've had this wonder machine for about six months, and I have the feeling it will last me a very long time.






I love coffee and I love this machine. I purchased a Delonghi a couple of years ago. It was complicated and hard to clean up. I love the EM-100, very consistent, easy to use, easy clean up. I don't however use the "warmer" feature as the machine would have to be on for quite a while to warm your cup. I usually will fill my cup with hot water to while I am making the expresso and simply throw hot water out. Ease of Cleaning I wish the steamer stem actually came off to clean. Other than that very easy cleaning.


Montague, TX


great old school espresso maker


this is a great old school espresso maker with new school tech Brew Performance you must handle with care since you are dealing with hot water and steam. The brew is perfect and saves money from going to your fav coffee house Ease of Cleaning I have had no issues with cleaning this maker. The steamer for milk can get a film on it after you are done steaming your milk but just clean it before it cools off and you are good to go Ease of Use READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! Not an issue as long as you follow the simple instructions supplied Design can't get much simpler then this for a coffee maker Durability I like the old school design and how it works. Not a fan of some of the newer coffee/espresso makers.


Canonsburg, PA


Broke too quickly


I bought this machine for my husband for his birthday. He had been wanting one of these for a very long time and was so excited to use this. This machine made the best cappuchinos, lattes and expressos. We used it every day and we pretty much had our own personal starbucks in our kitchen. It was very easy to operate and the warming tray on top was a great touch too. We truly loved this machine while it worked...but not even eight months after was purchased this (and it wasn't cheap either) the metal pipe that steams the milk fell off. My husband was hopeful that he might be able to fix it, but it was hopeless. We were so sad when it stopped working. Customer service was not helpful at all when we told them what happened.


Pickerington, OH


Cuisinart em 100-good basic machine


I have much to say about this machine. I had a relatively cheap DeLonghi that I felt gave up the ghost, but the Coffee Geeks felt that I just needed an expensive grinder instead. I begged to differ with them. Even though I eventually threw out my burr grinder, I can make excellent espresso with this machine. One of the reviews mentions that it explodes if you make more than one serving. I had it explode in one serving, but that was because the grounds were too coarse. It requires very fine packed grounds. The steaming stem is a lttle long, but it's not impossible to work with. I use a glass measuring cup instead of the stainless steel cup provided. It seems to produce a hotter milk product. It also is easier to get out from under the wand. Clean up can be a hassle, but if it is done immediately, it becomes routine and presents no problems. I especially like being able to have hot water available because of the large reservoir. I would recommend this.


Appleton, WI


Nice Espresso Machine


I admit I was skeptical when I received this Cuisinart Espresso maker for Christmas this past year.  I thought to myself, oh no, another appliance to clutter my countertop.  To my surprise, I actually really like this machine and use it quite a bit.  I love Caramel Macchiatos from Starbucks but now that we have kids my husband and I don't get there very often, and quite frankly, it costs too much money.  He thought since I've become quite domesticated since having our kids, that I could make my own. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this machine was to set up and start using right away.  The pages of directions did turn me off a little, but once I started, they were easy to understand and most was just recipes.  I did make quite a mess the first time I made an espresso but I am becoming more efficient each time I use it.  I do have a few complaints though.  It is cumbersome to clean and the milk frother bar gets dried milk on it and I have to fill another cup with hot water and soak it to get it to come off.  I've tried a hot wet rag right after I'm done using it, but that didn't work.  And when you run water/steam through the frother bar over the cup drainer, it sprays all over and makes a mess.  I've learned that when I rinse the frother bar I have to use a cup and not the drain pad. I have found great recipes for vanilla syrup and caramel sauce and must admit that I can now make a great Starbucks Caramel Macchiato!


Sycamore, IL


Makes very good espresso & capuccino easily


We got this as a gift, and so far we're very pleased with it, as this machine makes very good espresso & capuccino easily- we are not "professional barristas" by any means! We hooked it up, followed the directions, and were able to make good espresso & capuccino with foamed milk immediately. I read reviews off it on-line that said not to tamp the coffee grinds too hard, which is true. Use really good coffee ground espresso-fine for a good cup of coffee, & remember that if you run too much water thru you will get awful, weak coffee- espresso shots are small!


Eckman, WV


Cuisinart Espresso Machine EM-100

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