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Cuisinart Egg Cooker

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Not all that Excellent with Eggs...


I wasn't overall impressed with this egg cooker in all honesty. Yes, it gets the job done, but that's all it does. I like it when the items I get can be multi-taskers, this is not; all it can do is cook eggs. I could just as easily do this with an electric kettle or a simple pot of boiling water, and I can get results just as good as what this machine gave me. I think it was the shape of the egg cooker itself that got me to buy it initially, as I did rather like that, but that isn't enough to warrant recommending this to anyone else - save your money and invest in something else, its just not practical to get, unless you happen to eat a LOT of hard boiled eggs.

Canton, CT


Best of the choices out there, but not without flaws


I just got this egg cooker, and have used it twice. It is easy to use, and a nice design. It's compact, and I like the fact that it has an on/off switch, as some of the other models I looked at when making my buying decision did not. However, both times I have used it, some of the eggs I was cooking (I have only made hard boiled eggs) leaked into the bottom compartment where the water goes, making a mess to clean up. I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing, a problem with the product, the type of eggs I am using, or what, but it is kind of annoying. Other than that, the eggs taste good and cook quickly. I haven't tried making soft boiled or poached eggs (and I don't plan to, as I only eat hard boiled), so I can't speak to how well the cooker makes those types of eggs.

Beaverton, OR


Not so eggs-alent


It took me a whole month to get my husband to buy the Cuisinart Egg Cooker for me and all it does now is gather dust.  I timed it, I watched it I did everything to get it to cook at the very least a good egg.  I bought it mostly for poached eggs because my husband and I love them so much so I was trying to find something that would cook them right, not overdone or underdone.  I would add the correct water and it would burn in the well where your suppose to place the water.  The poached eggs when I would add the correct water they would be under cooked so I would add more water and they would over cook.   The poached eggs mostly would be over cooked or under cooked. I was very disappointed in the products and I would not recommend anyone to spend their money on the kitchen item.  It was my first Cuisinart  item.  I had heard that the item was good and the company Cusinart was a pretty good brand.  Not so!!!!!

Houston, TX


The Cusinart Egg Cooker makes perfect eggs everytime!


The Cusinart Egg Cooker will make a wonderful addition to any kitchen.  You can "boil" up to seven eggs at a time with this cooker.  Just fill the bottom using the plastic beaker that comes with the Egg Cooker with pre-measured water.  Next, drop the eggs into their special cooking tray and cover with the cooker lid.  Turn the Egg Cooker on and your eggs will be done in eight to eighteen minutes, depending on how soft or hard cooked you like your eggs.   For delicious poached eggs, it couldn't be easier!  The Cuisinart Egg Cooker comes with a container that fits over the cooking tray.  You can poach up to three eggs at a time to make great Eggs Benedict.  Just crack an egg into each section of the container (just use cooking spray to ensure smooth extraction) and place the container over the cooking tray and your pre-measured water.  Poached eggs will take about 6 minutes.  You will have restaurant style poached eggs every time!  The Cuisinart Egg Cooker saves time and leaves you with less clean up than tradition egg cooking methods.

Monroe, GA


Cuisinart Egg Cooker

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