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4-Slice Toasters
Cuisinart Dual Control 4-Slice Toaster

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Toasting in Style


I was attracted to this toaster in the store, immediately. It had a very nice style and I loved the red color. After comparing features and prices, I decided that this was the best for the money. I'm glad I chose it, because it's the best toaster I've ever owned. The settings never have to be adjusted for everyday toasting, but the reheat setting is awesome if you forget you had something in there, then go back to warm it up. It's got a four slice capacity, which is very convenient on rushed mornings before school. So many people have commented on how nice looking it is and asked where I found it, how much, etc... Drfinitely happy with the purchase. Toasting Evenness Sometimes pastries are a little unevenly toasted, but the warming option evens it out if set for a few seconds. Safety It's plastic on the outside, so no burns! Ease of Cleaning Crumbs are easily brushed out from the bottom. Design I get compliments on the toaster all the time. I never had a toaster complimented on before this one.



An Okay Toaster


I was excited to get this toaster initially, because it was my first four slice toaster. It has a various amount of settings ranging from defrost to bagels, so it is pretty versatile. Like most toasters, though, after lots of use it begins to toast unevenly and you have to mess with the settings so you don't burn your toast. it is okay in regards to cleaning and it can be tricky sometimes trying to get crumbs out of the bottom, like most toasters. I think the toast is pretty decent for what it cost and it does allow you to toast four slices, which is nice for those of us with families. I would recommend it if you can get it at a reasonable price.

Spring, TX


Great Toaster!


This toaster has been the same since I bought it 4 years ago. It toasts everything! Well actually it also cooks. Cooks breakfast pastries and food pastries, such as the ones that have egg, bacon and cheese in them, to perfection. It does this by the way of the defrost button and then the level to which you want them browned. Love this toaster! Ease of Cleaning It's just like any other cleaning of a toaster, not fun. LOL. Durability Have had for years! Design Very sleek.

Toccoa, GA


Cuisinart 4-slice toaster is the cadillac of toasters.


This toaster is fabulous if you want to make a lot at one time. We use it frequently on busy mornings to make anything from bagels, waffles, or poptarts. It sometimes toasts unevenly, but that could be due to the frozen food. I'm not sure if we wouldn't have the same problem with a different model. It is rather expensive so I would suggest looking for it on sale or using a coupon at the time of purchase. One downfall is the space it takes up on the counter. I would like to tuck it into a cabinet, out of sight, but we use it so often that it must stay on the counter. Again, this is probably the same problem we would have with any other toaster so I"m not sure if that's a real con or not. Overall this is a product I would purchase again.

Kingsport, TN


Only toasts one side....


After purchasing this item, I contacted the company and let them know that only one side of bread was toasting. They told me to send it back, at my expense, and then they sent me another and I had the same problem. I contacted them again and I did not get anywhere with it. In the past I have been very happy with Cuisinart products but this time I felt like my complaint was ignored. This happened awhile ago, and now I am afraid to go purchase ANY toasters because it was such a disaster getting one that works. I am still using this same toaster, knowing that I have to flip the toast half way through. I would not suggest this toaster to anyone. Hopefully the ones that I got came from a bad batch and they have since improved.

Aberdeen, SD


Cuisinart Dual Control 4-Slice Toaster

3.8 5