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Cuisinart Coffee Bar 10-Cup Classic Coffee Maker

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Cuisinart Coffeemaker - Not the Best


It's basic, easy to use coffeemaker, but I'm not too happy with it. Coffee continues to brew and there is no signal, so you end up with coffee dripping all over the place. It turns itself off too fast. I like my coffee very hot , this model or maybe particular coffeemaker doesn't do the best job. For the good cup of coffee use cone shaped filter, so you don't get any coffee grains in your cup. Good size for small families, doesn't take up a lot of countertop space.

Wilberforce, OH


Grind and Brew... what a concept!


    My man loves his coffee every morning.  He was addicted to Starbucks when we realized that it was costing way too much.  Therefore, he switched to brewing his coffee at home.  Our French Press was time consuming in the morning. Therefore, he switched to this Cuisinart coffee maker.  He can use whole bean coffee and put it in the machine and voila! He has a fresh pot of wonderful coffee.  Hubby's only complaint is that the aroma of coffee no longer fills our home.  For some reason, you cannot really smell the coffee.  However, he says this coffee maker makes fabulous coffee.  He loves the ease of buying the whole bean coffee at the grocery store and then just pouring it in the coffee maker.  You can even program the machine to do everything for you at a certain time in the morning.  Hubby now wakes up and makes his coffee and takes it to work. He has even said it is better than Starbucks! The machine has a permanent filter which we rinse and dry with each use. Love it!  You will love it too!

Tampa, FL


100 coffee pot that always breaks down and doesn't turn on


This coffee maker is supposed to grind and turn on and make coffee. This machine has backfired on me and it is really frustrating. The grinder doesn't grind and the alarm doesn't turn on when it is supposed to as set. I would not buy another. It is overpriced for what it is supposed to do.

Chula Vista, CA


Cuisinart Coffee Bar 10-Cup Classic Coffee Maker

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