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Cuisinart Cj-200pc Citrus Pro Juicer CCJ%2D100FR


This elegant%2C brushed stainless steel Citrus Juicer squeezes fresh juice quickly%2C cleanly%2C and easily%21 An auto%2Dreversing reamer squeezes more juice from the smallest lime or the largest grapefruit%2C and a unique Fast%2DSpin feature extracts more juice from pulp%2E It includes dishwasher%2Dsafe parts for easy cleanups%2E

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Great juicer for small spaces.


I have had my Cuisinart Citrus Pro juicer for almost a year and love it. It is one of the most powerful juicers I have ever used, especially for its size. The amount of space that it takes up on the counter is so little that we just leave it on the counter all the time. I am so pleased with this purchase and here's why. It's powerful and has no trouble juicing more than one piece of fruit at a time, which is good for me when I am in a hurry or am trying to make a juice blend of more than one type of fruit. It is fairly easy to clean, which nice with a juice because in the past I have owned some that were pure nightmares to clean. However since buying this juicer i haven't had any issues cleaning it. There is one downside to this juicer, which is true about just about every juicer that I have ever used. It is kind of noisy. Not as noisy as others, but still kind of annoying. All in all it's a good piece of machinery, it has a good motor even if it is noisy. It's eas to clean and juices everything i have put in it, even carrots! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a space saving juicer.



Very poorly designed, NOT recommended!


The Bottom Line: This very poorly designed Cuisinart CCJ-100 Citrus Pro Juicer makes using this tool very messy and time consuming. The spout is way too short, the unit very unstable, too much pressure is needed to get the juice out, among many other things...I returned mine after several tries, not recommended. Pulp Setting Effectiveness There is no choice for a pulp setting, and a big problem with this machine is that the part where the citrus goes is not pointy enough and cannot pierce the fruit. That means a great part of the pulp will remain intact and you will not get as much juice as you should. Stability While in Use Because of a narrower base, this machine will not stay put and is very unstable. In spite of its silicone base, it will move and spin all across your counter as you try to put pressure on the fruit to expel the juice. Ease of Cleaning This machine is one of the messiest machines I have ever used. After each use, I ended up with juice all over my kitchen counter, as well as inside the body of the juicer, where the motor is, because the juice will run all along the sides while pressing the fruit. You will also get tons of pulp that will get stuck in the crevices of the spout, and other grooves of the machine. The length of time it takes to clean this machine makes it inconvenient and a real chore. Durability I ended up returning mine after about three tries, so I cannot really attest to its durability. Design Extremely poor design: 1. the spout where the juice comes out is way too short, and with its rounded shape, the machine makes it very difficult to place your cup under the spout. 2. The narrow base makes it very unstable. 3. The cup is too small and will get clogged after about two oranges. 4.The spout will constantly get clogged up with pulp, and you will need to clear it out every half second to allow the juice to come out. 5.In order to get a proper squeeze, you will need to put extra pressure on the machine, it will start making an awful grinding noise. I could go on and on about how poorly designed this machine, it is a total failure on Cuisinart's part.



Cuisinart Cj-200pc Citrus Pro Juicer CCJ%2D100FR

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