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Cuisinart Citrus Juicer CCJ-100

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Intro range Stainless Steel Cuisinart Juicer is underpowered.


The attractive design and reasonable price led us to purchase this citrus juicer. The lack of features and optons are dissapointing - it DOES work just not what we were expecting from this prestigious brand. We ended up buying the better model which is FAR superior.




Summarize this product in one sentence.


The Cuisinart Citrus Juicer CCJ-100 is quite easy and simple to use compared to some of the other fancy juicers out there. All you have to do is put the orange piece in it and adjust the settings and you get great juice. It is also quite affordable and durable. I make both orange and lime juice on a frequent basis using the Cuisinart Citrus Juicer CCJ-100. It has a great fast option that speeds up the process and also does not waste your energy. It juices very well and does not waste your fruit. In the past I used a manual juicer which really frustrated me. I am very satisfied with my new juicer. The Cuisinart Citrus Juicer CCJ-100 is a great addition to any kitchen especially if you love fresh juice as much as I do!


East Brunswick, NJ


Makes easy work of juicing citrus


This citrus juicer is fantastic! I love to make large pitchers of fresh lemonade, but juicing that many lemons can be time consuming. But with this machine it makes the job quick and easy. It gets all the juice out of the fruit and does a great job of straining the pulp and seeds from the juice. A really neat feature is to put the clear cover on top and press down and it spins around very fast to extract all the juice from the collected pulp. Clean up is simple because all the parts come apart. Making lemonade or limeade from scratch is now quick and easy. This is a quality appliance that has lasted me many years and I'm confident it will last many more.


Port Charlotte, FL


Better than squeezing by hand.


Last year I squeezed over 100 lemons by hand using the plastic squeeze top & glass cup kind of juicer. I have been in the market for an electrical one thinking that would make the job quicker and easier. Thus I came across this model and it was cheaply priced so I thought why not. Well the cute little lid you see in the pictures does nothing to help hold your fruit against the center part even if you hold the fruit and the lid together it will slip off and make a mess on your counter. I didn't want to put to much weight onto the juicer's mechanical part because it will probably break with that much pressure - so I discarded the idea of using the cute top. I moved on to holding the fruit by hand while the automation did it's "job" - yea that works but you have to yet again becareful holding the fruit while it is moving because the lemon 1/2 in which I was using wanted to slide off. It actually did the 1 time and I got my finger pinched in the rotating base. At the end of the day it didn't take me as much "physical" out put to juice with this than it would have if I was twisting the fruit on the manual juicer. But it was sort of a let down that I couldn't just put the lemon on the core area with the lid and watch it juice my lemons on it's own.


Pittsburgh, PA


You'll get your fix from this juicer.


Cuisinart's citrus juicer is more than capable of getting the job done. It efficiently juices oranges, and should you want, lemons and limes, and gives you a better volume of juice than you would get by juicing by hand. Cleanup is easy too, only taking a few minutes. I tend to be a health nut, and I drink a lot of OJ, so the volume this can do in a short period has been especially beneficial. While its not perfect, I'd definitely get it again if it ame down to it.


Canton, CT


Good Juicer, Enjoyed Having It


I used this juicer to make fresh orange juice and to juice lemons and limes for cooking. It seems to work well for me. It had an area at the top to catch seeds and pulp and was easy to clean as the top section could be removed. We moved and gave it away, but wish that I kept it. The Cuisinart juicer takes the labor out of squeezing fruit by hand and would recommend it for someone who does it a lot.




Cuisinart Citrus Juicer CCJ-100 - Received as a present


We received the Cuisinart Citrus Juicer CCJ-100 as a wedding gift and while it is not the best performing appliance in my kitchen, it serves its limited function well. If you are looking to juice often and in large quantities, skip this. If you want an occasional glass of fresh juice or a small amount for a recipe, then this works fine - just be prepared to use a lot of elbow grease for best results.


Chicago, IL


Citrus Juicer Does Not Meet Cuisinart's Standards


While I am a fan of Cuisinart's variety of appliances, I am sorely disappointed by the Citrus Juicer. The Citrus Juicer seems like a shoddy appliance that was fell apart in manufacturing or was simply not thought through all the way. As a citrus juicer, the appliance is advertised as being specifically made for squeezing juice from citrus fruits such as oranges. This seems obvious enough; however, the juicer was created with a dull top where the citrus goes which makes it difficult to pierce the fruit for juicing. This often causes a mess when trying to get all the juice out or else leads to wasted citrus halves. In addition, the juicer does not sit stabilized on a counter when in use. The juicer turns and at times even spins on the counter making it difficult to keep the cup directly underneath to catch the juice from the spout. For such a simple purpose, the Cuisinart Citrus Juicer fails to impress and makes a huge mess with little results.


Los Angeles, CA


CuisinArt Citrus Juicer - one noisy disappointed juicer


After making several messes using this bulky juicer, I have to say I will go back to hand-juicing my oranges. The first problem I got with it is that the motor is too powerful when operated that it makes the entire juicer move in many directions. I couldn't quite control the speed at which it rotated without making a spill. I had to press the orange halves hard to extract the juice, my arms got tired for just holding the machine in place! The second problem is that the pulps built up fast on the strainer, which stopped the flow and made cleaning more difficult. This is not a foolproof juicer. A juicer should be easy to maneuver because it just extracts the juice, it's just that! I prefer juicing by hand because that's one thing that doesn't need a machine.


Antelope, CA


The Cuisinart Citrus Juicer makes juicing a breeze!


This juicer is great for doing a lot of juicing. It is very powerful and the strainer doesn't need to be cleaned out very often, which is nice. However, for small juicing tasks it is not worth it because of the pieces that need to be washed. The spout can be open or closed, which is very helpful so that it doesn't drip when you're done measuring. However, the spout is too short and sometimes the container I set below it can move and the juice spill.


Issaquah, WA


Cuisinart Citrus Juicer CCJ-100

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