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Cuisinart 6-Slice Brick Convection Toaster Oven Deluxe BRK-200

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Does the job reasonably well


This toaster oven is pretty quiet and is very good when it comes to heating food evenly. I especially like the interior light and the sleek, attractive design. The oven is big enough to fit a fairly large chicken. It also includes a baking stone that is great for use when you make a pizza, although it takes quite a while to warm up. Once it's ready to go, though, you can cook your pizza thoroughly within ten minutes, and it tastes delicious. One of the main drawbacks is that it is tough to tell when the desired temperature has been reached. Also, watch out for high exterior heat! The outside of this oven gets pretty hot when it's in use. And it's difficult to tell when you've reached the temperature you want. All. in all, this is a nice toaster oven that needs a few upgrades to take it up to a special level. Safety The instructions warn about this machine's high exterior temperature when in use. It's good to have a warning, but it would be better not to have to worry about the issue at all. Ease of Cleaning It's no easier or harder to clean than any other random kitchen item.


Fond Du Lac, WI


Life Changing...Seriously!!!


My husband has wanted a convection toaster oven forever and I was quite resistant. We have a very nice kitchen already with a double wall convection oven, huge cooktop and microwave. We also had a regular toaster already. He has always wanted the convection toaster oven to heat up sandwiches. He finally got what he wanted, and now that I've tried it, I wish we would have gotten it a long time ago. In addition to making great sandwiches (with melted cheese and hot meats), it also is great at baking up small amounts of appitizers (chicken strips, chicken wings, motzerella sticks, nachos, etc), little batches of cookies (ours can hold a 9X13 pan) or even cinnamin rolls. The thing I really like about it is there is no preheating time when you are using it as a convection oven. It doesn't put off a lot of heat and heat up your house either. Instead of waiting 10-15 minutes for my large oven to reach the desired temperature, I can throw the chicken strips or whatever right in and start baking right away. I would say it is a little slow at toasting bread and bagels (it takes 3-5 minutes). I do like the fact that you can fit 6 bagels or pieces of bread in in at once though. That is really nice. We use this convection toaster over all this time, literally multiple times a day. I don't know what we did before we had it (probably used a lot more time and energy in our larger oven), but the ease and conveinence is awesome. Most of our appitizers cook up in about 8 minutes. With no time required to preheat, we can be munching away in no time (I'm not sure if that's good or bad actally). Even Heating I would say it does a good job at heating evenly. It is not perfect, but my top of the line wall convection oven does a worse job at this, so I would say this one does a good to great job. Safety We have young kids and have not had any issues here. Ease of Cleaning It comes with a pull out tray for crumbs, so that part is easy. As far as cleaning off the glass window, that is not as easy. I tried yesterday to get a little debry off of it, and it was cooked on pretty tough. I think it is probably no more difficult to clean than any other similar toaster convection oven, microwave or oven though. Cleaning anything is a pain in my opinion! Durability The controls feel like they are well made. The door is very light weight, but I've tried a bunch of different brands out in the store, and they all feel this way. The door probably doesn't need to be heavy to be quality. No problems here so far. Design I was concerned about where to put this originally, not certain if I wanted it out for dispay on the counter full time. We have a designer high end kitchen and my husband is an architect. Everything has to look perfect all the time. This unit is very attractive and actually blends in quite nice with the existing kitchen. In a future house we will probably build in a shelf for the unit, but for now, it sits on the counter and is not offensive to look at.


Kaysville, UT


Cuisinart Brick Oven cooks well but has an issue


I requested a new toaster oven for my birthday last year, and this one is deluxe. I love how roomy it is so that I don't have to head up my regular oven for smaller items. It can't fit a 9x13 pan, but anything smaller works. I've only used the brick oven part to make pizza once, and the pizza stuck to the stone badly. I guess I should have read the instructions to oil the stone first! The big problem that I have with the oven is that it doesn't close properly and consistently. There's a hang-up on one side that causes the oven to not completely close (1" from closing). To get it to close, I often have to slam the door shut very hard multiple times. My husband has had some success pressing on the upper side to get it to close, but I haven't. This closing problem doesn't always happen, but it happens often enough to be annoying. The baking, toasting and broiling mechanisms all work wonderfully.


Taylors, SC


Overpriced and undependable


I was very enthusiastic about the potential of this oven before I bought it.  I'm a bread baker and the "brick-lined" feature was what convinced me to purchase this toaster oven.  I thought it would be a good for smaller loaves and batches while delivering the performance of a large oven.  Boy was I wrong.  The oven does not cook evenly and consistently burned the top of loaves before the middle was cooked through.   It also seems to have very poor temperature control as items would burn even when put in on very low baking temperatures.  Now I don't use it for anything beyond toasting and occasional plate warming.  It's size is it's only virtue as it will hold a full-size plate unlike an ordinary toaster oven.  Even so, it is disappointing.  It's now stopped working consistently, often turning off in mid toast.  Browning is also less even than with traditional, smaller toaster ovens.  Coupled with the high price, It's enough reason to make this toaster oven a real loser.


Montgomery, AL


This is a good product from a top company.


We bought this after our EuroPro Rotisserie oven started to malfunction, and you had to unplug it to get it to cut off.  This is a very good looking oven that Bakes, Broils, & Toasts.  The toast has a variable darkness setting.  It also comes with a Pizza Stone and ceramic plates in the oven to help create the Brick Oven baking experience.  Holds up to a 12"x12" dish.


Snellville, GA


Love my Cuisinart Brick Oven Deluxe


I recieved this Cusinart Brick Oven Deluxe for Christmas, replacing another older toaster oven. First off I loved that it was stainless steel . And I love the shape of the oven, the squared off shape to me makes it so much more professional looking. One of the first thing we did in it was homemade pizzas. The brick stone inside cooked the bottoms of our pizzas to perfection. And it bake so much more faster than the one I had before. Pre-heat time is very fast for this oven and the outside does not put out alot of heat. We do alot of bakig and there are times we just don't want to fire up the big oven for small items. I say small, but this oven easily holds a normal size 12 inch pizza with room to spare. And if something drips , cleanup is easy. It is easy to you, my sons can operate it with ease. They use it only now for their pizza baking and that helps keep the kitchen cool. I have not baked a pie in it yet, but we did do homemade bread sticks in it for spaghetti and they were a perfect golden brown, crisp outside soft inside. A must for all kitchens!  


Leoma, TN


The Cuisinart BRK-200 is a Great Toaster Oven +


The Cuisinart Brick Oven Deluxe is a great convection oven and toaster built into one.  Our main oven burned out and we had to get a replacement so we were without a wall oven for almost two months and except for roasting a whole chicken we did not miss it.  This oven is a great toaster but it is also great for making chicken breasts, pizza, fish, steak, etc.  You can fit a 9x9 pan inside for brownies/cornbread etc.  Do watch the top of what you are baking - since the temperature control is a dial it is not quite as precise (in 50 degree increments) as a wall oven so some of the baked goods came out a little more brown on top than I would have preferred however my husband still insists on making his energy bars in this oven (not the wall oven) every week.  There is no timer which is not a big deal to me (we have plenty of other timers in the kitchen) but the biggest negative to me is that the outside of the oven gets VERY hot when cooking.  I have burned myself touching the outside of the oven while it was on.  You would not want to put anything combustible or that could melt on top of this oven as I think it could become a fire hazard.


Orinda, CA




I don't know where to start with this!  I recently purchased this Cuisinart Convection oven.  My old one was not working properly and I was a little hesitant about spending so much on an oven that is only used periodically.  Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!  This oven works wonderfully and I am now using it more than the large oven.   There are only 2 of us here and it is large enough to put a casserole dish in, and the brick plate that comes with it can easily heat up 6-8 slices of pizza too!   We use it daily and the clean up isn't bad at all.  It heats evenly and is worth the purchase price.   I use it to toast bread, bagels in the morning, reheat lunches and dinners.   I have recommended this oven to many people and will continue to purchase this particular brand.   Did I mention that it looks so nice on the kitchen counter too!  Lots of compliments on this one! Looks like a professional oven!   


Brentwood, TN


A great multitasking oven


I received the Cuisinart Brick Oven Deluxe for Mother's Day several years ago.  (I am a foodie.  Yes, I would rather have kitchen appliances than jewelry.)  This oven works great.  It can toast 6 slices of toast at one time.  The functions work great in controlling how done you like your toast (light, medium, etc.)  There is a pizza brick that makes great tasting pizza at home.  (Pizza making tip:  use a little corn meal on the stone before adding the pizza dough.)  This toaster oven is big enough to cook a 9 x 9 pan.  It is great for cooking in the summer when you need to cook something, but you don't want to heat the house up with the big oven.  I'll admit that I have not used all of the functions of this great item, but I like know that they are there if I ever need them or have time to play with them.  Yes, it is quite a bit bigger than a traditional toaster oven, but it can do so much more.  Also, while it can be considered a bit pricey, the quality and functions are worth the investment.


Columbus, KS


Cuisinart 6-Slice Brick Convection Toaster Oven Deluxe BRK-200

3.9 9