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CBK 200
Cuisinart 2-Pound Convection Automatic Bread Maker CBK-200


Fresh Bread doesn't get any fresher - or easier - than this! Cuisinart offers expert engineering in smooth brushed stainless to deliver a sensational-looking Convection Bread Maker that automatically adjusts speed and timing, and circulates air while baking. Exclusive Low Carb, Cluten-Free, and Artisan Dough settings are just 3 of 16 preset menu options available with the touch of a button. Cuisinart adds 3 crust colors and 3 loaf sizes, to give bread lovers a choice of over 100 bread, dough, cake - and even jam - combinations!

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Excellent bread maker


I got this bread maker 2 months ago. I've been using it almost every day making breads and cookies, cakes, anything that needs batter and kneading :) It's a great helper and I get to eat what I put in it. I recommend it to everyone that wants to eat healthy and home baked. Also great to make your own breads without gluten in it.


Torrington, CT


Makes amazing bread .. my kids love it so does my hubby


The bread cooks even and it is great to use for different holidays.. family members love it


Castlewood virgina


Best performance for the bread industry


The performance of a beautiful series can be used by anyone and cleaned and due to add in fact the performance worthy of experimentation and use




Worth every penny!


Best recipe is one they include in the manual. The easiest one to make with the least ingredients gets the most compliments from everyone!


Buffalo, NY


awesome one







A beautiful, through which I can heat the bread with all the leisure and speed




Amazing bread maker


I received this machine from my oncle who lives in the USA when I bought my first house. It's a modern bread machine and I love it so much. It is very very simple to use with a great price and you make with it :Gluten Free Bread and Loaves and also Pizza Dough. one of the parts that I like the most is that large viewing window at the top that allow me to watch the progress of the bread so I watch the whole thing. although the size is big and some people may not like that but the color is great I love that beautiful silver finish and it has 3 crust settings. you must add the liquids first and then the dry ingredients after that, I recommend you to read the instruction booklet and recipe book that comes with it that will help you a lot and you will see how it's easy to use. this bread maker has great features and thanks to them you will get at the end beautiful bread with high quality for example it will notify you when it's time to add ingredients to your bread. all what can I say is this is one of the most amazing bread makes ever good quality and simple to use with great price.






It is worth buying and deservedly



Works well


I received thisCuisinart Programmable Bread Maker as a Christmas gift from a family member last year. I love bread, especially specialty loaves, and so the thought was that this bread maker would save me money and would also be an enjoyable task in the kitchen, as opposed to buying another pre-baked loaf off the shelves. The bread maker works well, no complaints at all in its functionality, but honestly it is just another hassle of a machine to store in my already cramped kitchen. The bread that I bake in it is very good, but not necessarily better than when I have baked my own bread with nothing more than a bread pan in my oven on occasion. As for coming out cheaper, buying dried fruits and nuts is so expensive that it really just makes more sense to buy your bread off the shelves. Again, the machine is great, no complaints, but I myself just don't see the need for it.




Good Bread Maker for a Decent Price


I own this bread maker and I have been pleased with my purchase. It has some downsides to it, but has been a pretty good machine overall. The bread it makes is incredible. To me, that is the most important feature. The dough rises quickly and the bread is really soft. It has a great deal of features as well. You can make many different kinds of bread. Due to all the features, the instructions can be a little overwhelming. If you do not want to take time to really learn how to use a bread maker, I would recommend a different model. However, if you take the time to learn how to use this one, I do not think you will be disappointed. Like I said, it makes excellent bread and the price on it is really good. Stability While in Use I have never had any problems while using this. The procedure is simple and easy to make the bread. It holds up great while in use. Performance I think the bread it makes is incredible. I find it to be much better than any store bought bread. Ease of Use You have to spend some time learning how to use the machine or it will frustrate you.




Cuisinart 2-Pound Convection Automatic Bread Maker CBK-200

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