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Cuisinart 14-cup Drip Coffeemaker

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Lid Closing Only Problem


More difficult to set up than previous coffee pots. I love the 14 cup size. I have had mine for 8 months and now the lid won't stay closed. It is still under warranty so they are replacing it though. Brew Performance Brew performance is great. You can even select bold or regular. I use bold so I can use less coffee. Ease of Cleaning I don't know if any coffee pot is easy to clean. This one has a button that you can push for automatic cleaning but then you lose all the settings so that isn't worth it for me. Ease of Use Difficult to program and directions aren't very helpful. This was a major disappointment to me. If the electricity goes off briefly though you don't have to reset it so that is good. I love the ease of use once it is set. Design I originally liked the way the lid closes until it wouldn't stay closed any more. It was not abused so definitely needs to be redesigned. I do like the way it looks though. Durability lid problems as previously mentioned.

Red Bluff, CA


"Some Like It Hot"


This coffeemaker advertises a hotter brewing temperature--that's what sold me, since I like my coffee hot. No, I haven't checked it with a thermometer, but it seems hot enough for my taste. Also, I had read some reviews of more expensive coffeemakers in which people complained about the coffee not being hot enough. Ease of Cleaning Pretty good, about the same as other Cuisinarts I have had. Design I like the larger digital display, easier to see in the kitchen.

Rochester, NY


Cuisinart 14-cup Drip Coffeemaker

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