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CucinaPro 270-01 Stovetop Espresso Machine, 1-Cup S270-01


CucinaPro Stove Top Espresso maker uses steam infusion to make a delicious cup of espresso at home. Replacement gasket is available from CucinaPro.

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Badly Designed and Impossible to Clean


I purchased this when I was in college and wanted to feed my espresso addiction without having to buy an expensive electric machine. On the plus side this is small and easy to store. It takes almost no space and can easily fit in any small kitchen or dorm room. On the negative side is everything else. It's difficult to use and constantly gets grounds into the coffee. The place where you put the water is badly designed, as is the place where you put the espresso grounds. Screwing the base and top together is not fun and is even less fun when it is filled with coffee and water. It definitely takes several tries. The handle is badly designed and is way too close to the pot itself which gets really, really hot when brewing. The brewing itself is okay but it always seems to leave just enough grounds in the resulting espresso to be annoying. The taste, however, is very good. Cleaning is a nightmare and there is just no way to get all the grounds out when you're washing by hand. Overall, I really cannot recommend this. It's badly designed and doesn't even make very good quality espresso.

Vernon Rockville, CT


CucinaPro 270-01 Stovetop Espresso Machine, 1-Cup S270-01

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