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Cub Cadet
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Cub Cadet Zero Turn Riding Mower

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Pass this one up if you can afford a better one.


It makes quick work of the lawn when it's operational. Great maneuverability, easy to drive and handle. It seems like something always goes wrong with it. Belts break, tires go flat, nuts back off and fall out. The oil drain cock came loose from vibration. The muffler kept falling off. It doesn't cut that well, even with new blades. My old Craftsman riding mower, although slower and less maneuverable, cuts far more evenly and consistent. Durability It's had many minor problems. Latest was the drive belt breaking, leaving me stranded and having to trailer it back to the garage. The engine has been relatively trouble free.



A good idea - but weak on the follow-thru


It mowed pretty well, as long as you don't mind flat tires for no reason and the belt popping off. However we had more serious problem. A week after we purchased it the engine cracked. We got a new motor ... which lasted a couple of years - and then it cracked in the same place. This wasn't a crack up on the cylinder from heat - it was a crack at the motor mount from poor design and vibration. Naturally the engine is designed so you pretty much have to throw it away when it cracks like that.



Our Cub Cadet is my husband's favorite lawn tool.


My husband purchased our Cub Cadet riding lawnmower nearly two years ago.  He has never had a riding lawn mower.  After mowing with a push mower for over forty years he was highly excited to finally purchase a riding lawn mower.  He has had several back surgeries and is developing arthiritis in his hips so mowing the lawn has become a real chore for him.  We purchased the joy stick model instead of a steering wheel model.  Because of the hip and back problems it is easier for him to get on the mower with stick model.  The time it takes him to more our lawn is quite a bit shorter than with the push mower.  He also mows a lawn for someone else and this has helped him tremendously. This mower preforms as advertised, extremely well.  It is easy to start and has low maintenance. The dealership where we purchased this was helpful and we believe if we ever have problem with this mower they will stand behind it.

Melcher, IA


Constant Problems


We bought a Cub Cadet RZT Series Tractor a little over a year ago and have had nothing but troubles with it. It started out with tire problems. We were constantly having flat tires. Within four months the belts started breaking and we're only mowing three flat simple yards with this mower. Since mowing season has started this year, we've had another flat tire and the blades after catching on a low tree stump. The blades weren't set low and the mower should have passed right over it. We replaced the blades with new ones and one of the new ones bent when it hit a small two inch rock. I would not recommend one of these tractors to anyone.

Bowling Green, KY


The 42" cub cadet is one fine mowing machine!


       After using many different mowers in my lifetime, I have found the Cub Cadet one of the best on the market.  The hydro-static drive makes this machine very easy to operate,(if you can reach the peddles, you use it with ease).  Going on flat or uphill the Cub will preform with little effort.      Al-tho it is not recommended to mow sideways om a steep grade, this mower maintains its stability well at slow speeds.  I have mowed heavy thick grass in the Highway right of way 15" tall without any sluggishness at about half speed. Taller material is not a problem at slower speeds.      The Cub, in My opinion is a great machine for the money if you have a large area to maintain  

Craig, NE


Cub Cadet Zero Turn Riding Mower

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