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Crystal Light
Crystal Light - Sunrise Tangerine Strawberry

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Crystal Light is refreshing and satisfying!


I drink a lot of Diet Dr. Pepper, and my family and friends give me a lot of guff for it.  My justification for it is that it has no calories, what's the big deal?  They say it has caffeine, it has aspartame, it's not good for you!  I get really tired of people always telling me not to drink Diet Dr. Pepper to be honest, but I also know I need to drink more water.  But water sucks!  So I was looking for a good way to make water taste better when I thought about Crystal Light.  I've used Crystal Light in the past, but I was never a big fan of any of the available flavors in the past, but I recently tried one of their newer flavors, and it is delicious!  It is the Sunrise Tangerine Strawberry.  It isn't even a flavor I would instinctively want to try.  I'm not sure why I even decided to try it, but I tried about three or four new flavors, and this was one of them, and it ended up being my favorite by far, even more so than the regular flavors I generally like. If you don't like water and are trying to come up with a way to drink more, USE CRYSTAL LIGHT!

Kaysville, UT


Crystal Light - Sunrise Tangerine Strawberry

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