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Crystal Light
Crystal Light - Hunger Satisfaction Drink Mix in Strawberry Banana

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I really liked this product. I thought that it had a great flavor, and it didn't get old quickly like some of the other flavors I have tried. It surprised me how much fiber was in the drink. There seemed to be some product that didn't mix in completely when I added it to the water amount that the package stated, but I simply added more water and it was much better. This product seems quite hard to find, so when I do find it I stock up!

Ankeny, IA


Tastes great but didn't satisfy hunger


Crystal Light Hunger Satisfaction Strawberry Banana is another wonderful drink mix from Crystal Light. I am a huge fan of Crystal Light drink mixes because I don't drink pop, and these drink mixes give me a nice alternative to drinking plain water without adding sugar and extra calories. When I saw this product- Crystal Light Hunger Satisfaction Strawberry Banana- on the shelf at the grocery store it piqued my interest, a sweet drink mix to quench thirst and satisfy hunger. I couldn't wait to try another product from the makers of Crystal Light. Mixing it you could just smell the wonderful aroma of strawberries and bananas, it made me anticipate a great tasting drink experience ahead. The drink mix easily incorporated into the glass of water without leaving a bunch of undisolved powder. The taste was wonderful, a good and balanced mix of strawberries and bananas. After drinking a full glass of Crystal Light Hunger Satisfaction Strawberry Banana, I was not sated however. I can't say this drink mix worked to help satisfy my hunger at all. But I would buy it again just for the flavor of the drink.

El Paso, TX


This stuff is satisfying!!


I LOVE THIS STUFF!!  I was already one of Crystal Light's biggest fans but with when they came out with this single serving, wonderful tasting drink mix, they sealed the deal on my opinion.  Since I always watch my calories and CL is a part of that, I tried this when it came out and fell in love.  The strawberry banana taste is amazingly smooth so much so that I CRAVE it everyday.  It's so YUMMY and with 80% fewer calories than most drinks, I adore it.  The hunger satisfaction comes from the fact that it has milk and soy proteins that keep me content for a couple of hours or at least until I can eat well.  I use it as a between meal drink that quenches and helps me fight snacking.  Since I have been off the bike for a couple of months, it really helps with calorie management.  There is yet another flavor and I bet it is wonderful, too, but I haven't tried it.  If anyone out there does, let me know.  Until then, I am a strawberry banana junkie! Sandy

Whitewright, TX


Crystal Light - Hunger Satisfaction Drink Mix in Strawberry Banana

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