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Crunchmaster - Multi Grain Cracker

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These crackers are awesome ... and healthy!


I picked up a box of Crunchmaster Multi-Grain crackers at our local warehouse store.  As always, I read labels and won't a buy a product which includes hydrogenated (or partially hydrongenated) oils or high fructose corn syrup.  The label on these Crunchmaster crackers listed only healthy ingredients, including flax seed.  So, we bought a box.  The taste is fabulous ... in fact, we have almost finished two whole bags in less than a week.  They are good by themselves or with cheese, etc.  They are so good!  For health conscious people, they are, indeed, a marvelous treat!

Asheville, NC


Crunchmaster - Gluten-Free Crackers that taste TERRIFIC!


One of my favorite snacks is crackers and cheese with fruit. Since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I've been searching for a cracker that tasted good. I've settled for "okay". Then my sister brought me "Crunchmaster" Multi Grain Crackers. I have been an obsessed fan ever since! They taste like "real people food"!! Even people without a gluten sensitivity will LOVE these crackers!  They have a wonderful sesame taste, and a deeply satisfying crunch. They don't fall apart when you spread cheese on them. You don't have to spread cheese on them to disguise their taste, either - they are fabulous right out of the package. They are the Gluten-Free ULTIMATE CRACKER!  When I went to their website, they have a handy form that you can print out with all of their information on it so you can give it to your local grocery store to ask them to carry them. You just hand it to the manager and wait for them to show up.  My local grocery store has been very responsive to my gluten free requests, yours will be, too.

Reading, PA


Crunchmaster - Multi Grain Cracker

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