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Crunchless Abs Three Workout DVD

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Don't get sucked in by this


Crunchless abs Bought it, tried it, only good for back stretches. Does strain the neck at times. The really bad thing about this product, is they sign you up automatically with a membership, and charge your credit card monthly. You don't know this until you get a statement. They send you things without your knowledge. THEY WON'T GIVE YOU BACK ALL YOUR MONEY FOR THINGS YOU DID NOT ORDER. When you call the customer service line, they don't speak clear english either. So how in the world can they service there customers completely? They will not reimburse your shipping and handling like most reputable businesses. I rate this company a **negative 10.** **I will not recommend this to anyone, in fact I would be happy to tell my story over and over etc.** This is not done yet, I plan on reporting it to the better business bureau as well. I am not finished with them.

Lester Prairie, MN


Crunchless Abs- Don't buy if you're not already fit.


So I had been seeing these infomercials for all these ab products late at night for a long time. I got the Bender Ball, which I actually sort of enjoy, and I saw the infomercial one night for Crunchless Abs and thought "Hmm... that seems interesting, maybe I should give that a try". I tried the DVD the first day that it came in the mail and I will start off by saying, there was no chance in HEAVEN that I could do the exercises on that dvd.... not without already having really great core body strength, which, I thought the purpose of the DVD was to help you BUILD that core body strength. I just remember trying it for about 5 minutes, and.... trying my darndest I might add... and then just collapsing on the floor thinking "what in the H-E- double hockey sticks??? How is any NORMAL person who is TRYING to get in shape, but isn't already IN shape supposed to do this poop?" I dunno... maybe I'm just not cut out for this DVD... by all means, if you have the program and you enjoy it... I envy you... because until I drop about 40 lbs and have the beginning of a 6-pack going on... I really don't see myself able to do ANY of these exercises. I'm keeping the dvds around though just in case ONE day I'm cut out for the exercises contained within. :/

Somerset, TX


Beware of scam artists


The product itself is ok, nothing really great.  But more than the exercise itself BEWARE folks.  This is a scam.  I ordered this product with the bender ball video thinking I was getting a great deal. But the scam comes in when you get your order.......check your billing.....if you don't respond before 30 days these suckers chain you to a monthly video club ...which is the last thing I wanted.  And when you call the 800 number .... be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes or more. Even though the rep was personal enough, and gave me a confirmation number to cancel any future orders, I'm still expecting get a third charge that supposedly couldn't be cancelled.   And the kicker to all this...is the only videos I have is the ones that came in the original order.  Buyer beware. g. brown    

New Orleans, LA


Crunchless Abs DVD Workout


The crunches were a little hard at times and others were easy. There were times that it didn't feel like my abs were actually tightening. Not sure if the crunchless abs is working. Been using it for a couple of months and have seen no change around waist.

Colby, KS


Crunchless Abs Three Workout DVD

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