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A must have !!!!!!!!


if you can only buy one tool I would recomend this on. It can set your eylets without waking all your neighbors up, it can punch holes thru thick chipboard ( or your son;s school belt..lol)... it's just the best tool around, I use mine every time I scrapbook, I use it to create my own chip board albums, to set brads .... just a must have and soo easy to use, just punch your hole, set your eyelet and squeez and you are done ... soo simple.. no hammer needed, no loud noise just a quick squeez and that's it...


Lakeland, FL


The Crop-A-Dile is the one tool that I could never live without.


I have had this Crop-a-dile for about two years now and absolutely love it.  I recently dropped an eyelet into the gears and it still keeps working (with a lot of squeaking).  It was then that it came to my attention just how much I use it.  It was squeaking in my craft room on just about every project I do.  I even continued to punch through wooden hearts for necklaces.  I am definitely buying a new one. 


Harpswell, ME


Big purchase, but useful if you do a lot of eyelets...


Broke down and bought the Crop a dile, using a 40 percent off craft club coupon...and it is worth it...punches 2 sizes of holes and can set eyelets. (the website has other items listed..but for me that's what i use it for)  It is quick, painless, and much quieter than pounding the traditional eyelet setter..  It is also convinient because you don't have to hunt down so many pieces ( punches, eyelet setter, hammer, wood )  I would totally recommend it, i am just not sure i would pay full price or invest in the larger one...


West Monroe, LA


This is my Favorite Scrapbooking tool


I love to Scrapbook and I'm always looking for the newest tool that is put out on the market.  Anyone who does scrapbooking, card-making, paper-crafts, etc. and uses embellishments such as eyelets, snaps, and/or just needing to punch a hole in just about anything, would definitely benefit and love this tool/product.  This tool is a hand held Hole Punch, Snap and Eyelet Setter.  When the Crop-A-Dile came out, I waited awhile before getting one - I wanted to see and read what others were saying about it.  After watching a short video of someone showing what it does and how it worked, I was amazed.  I immediately went out and purchased one for myself.  This tool is truly user friendly - it can literally punch a hole in popsicle stick like putting a hot knife through butter - I kid you not.  However, the only downfall with it is it's limited to its reach on a  piece of paper.  For instance, if you have a piece of paper that is 81/2x11 or 12x12, this tool is only going to reach around the boarder to 2 to 3 inches.  However, if you're crafty and know how to think outside the box, there's ways to work around that.  This tool is awesome and I recommend it whole heartedly.  However, the same company has upgraded and has taken it even farther with an an item called "Crop-A-Dile II - Big Bite" .  This is the same thing except this one will allow you to reach 6" inches farther.  However, that would be a different review.    


Pittsburgh, PA


Punches holes through most scrapping material like butter


The Crop-A-Dile is a tool for quickly and quietly punching small holes and setting eyelets or rivets in various materials such as metal, CDs, acrylic, chipboard, and just about any other material you would use in making scrapbooks, cards, or altered art.  Although the reach is limited, the overall function is excellent and is easily to manipulate.  


Cheyenne, WY



4.8 5