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Crofton Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

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poor quality


used three times and it was great. On the fourth time made waffles for my boys, fine; when I made my waffles the maker would not rotate completely. Had to prior the waffles out. Maker ready for trash

philadelphia, Pa


Worked perfectly the first time. I used cake mix reg. prep. 6ea


I am happy. Every waffle came out perfect even the first one. I used cake mix (Betty C.) just follow the box. Easy on toppings its sweet already. After they come out put in oven on rack over cookie sheet. (they crisp up then).(200 deg) I plan on using it a lot. Performance It works fast especially after the first one. Settings/Features Setting needs to be on max for the doneness I like Ease of Cleaning Bit hard to get at the spot between handle and tray. Ease of Use No problem be sure and follow instructions. and turn over after 5 seconds Durability Will see



Crofton Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker Makes Cleanup Simple


I got my Crofton Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker from Aldi's and I used it the same night that I got it and it worked pretty good. The clean up was outstanding, the plates were already non-stick so I just sprayed on a little cooking spray just in case and the waffles came sliding right out nothing nothing sticked. And once I was finished all I had to do was wipe it out with a dish towel, how easy was that! The only thing that I would say that I wasn't too happy about about this waffle maker was the fact that there was no instructions or table that gave me some kind of example on how long I was to set the timer for the waffles, so I had to guess. I also didn't like the fact that because the lack of instructions when the ready light did come on I had the waffles were not cook enough, they were not crispy or brown. I had to keep checking it and turning it back on. Also the only part that got really cripsy almost burnt was the little holes in the middle. Other than those things if your looking for something thats easy clean up like you busy mom's this might be a good selection for you.

Broadview, IL




Do not buy this product. The first time I used it, I was not able to rotate the plates. After almost braking the handle and burning my waffle, it finally worked. I can't do this every time I want to make waffles. Don't waste your money.

Durham, NC


Crofton Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

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