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Crock-Pot t 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker

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Ideal crock pot for smaller households


The smaller size and easy settings make this perfect for single people or small families. Time to Heat Surprisingly heats up pretty quick. I have occasionally turned it on while I'm still preparing the food, and the outer part gets hot fast. Cooking Performance Most recipes I followed I made sure said that it required a 4 quart slow cooker. However nearly all my meals took much less time than what was recommended. This can be nice sometimes, but the times when I set it before work and assumed I had plenty of time but found overcooked food when I got home were disappointing. For a small inexpensive crock pot, it got too hot too fast. Ease of Cleaning Cleans the same as anything else. May need to let the crock soak for a bit before cleaning. Ease of Use Very few settings make it super simple to use Design Cute design makes it look great on the counter top! I don't even put it away between uses because the size and design fit in great in my kitchen



An excellent value!


This crock pot is great. I am a single person, and even though I don't mind eating leftovers for several days, I don't need to make a ton of food either. This device is a very nice size for my purposes. It is also inexpensive and works really really well. The design on the outside is also cute and unique! It gives it a little bit of flair, which I enjoy. :) Time to Heat This crock pot heats up quickly and very well. I have been using mine for three months, and I have absolutely no complaints. Cooking Performance Food cooks quickly and evenly (relatively speaking, I mean, it is a slow cooker!). Can also start something in the morning on the lower setting, and have it cook throughout the day. Ease of Cleaning I wash the ceramic part and lid in the dishwasher. The rest doesn't really get dirty, but also wipes off easily in my experience. Ease of Use Just set it and go! Make sure to add enough liquid to whatever you're cooking that it doesn't scorch. Adding at the beginning or every couple of hours works. Design Small enough that it's easy to clean and store. Nice round crock shape. Cute pattern on this model in particular. Durability Has held up very well. I have been using it about once a week or so for about 3 months, so I can't speak for true longevity, but so far I am pleased.



Crock-Pot t 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker

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