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Croc Professional Flat Iron

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TurboIon CROC2 1-inch Titanium Wet to Dry Hair Styling Flat Iro


I purchased this flat iron to do my Brazilian and it did a wonderful job. It feels great in your hands while using it and I have very long hair when flat ironing that usually it gets uncomfortable after a certain time. But I had fun doing my hair with this iron. It did its job. I have used it at least once a week ever since and it works really well. I have naturally curly hair and it did a great job flat ironing my hair stick straight.

Houston, TX


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love it, my hair stylist uses this on my hair and i ran out and purchased it and love it. I am a mixed chick with very wavy and curly hair well for years i wore it natural pulled back in a ponytail with waves and curls well now I am 36 and sick of the pony tail so when my stylist straightened my hair  with the croc flat iron it was so long and silky and beautiful heads were turning this flat iron has changed my life for the better!!!!

Milwaukee, WI


Croc flat iron heats up fast to any temp result- sleek shine.


I got the Croc Professional Flat Iron for Christmas last year and have used it regularly to my utmost satisfaction.  It heats up in under 30 seconds to any temperature you choose up to 400 degrees.  The swivel cord keeps things tangle free and this professional flat iron comes in exciting fashion colors.  My hair is long, coarse and unruly so I use high heat and one pass with the flat iron results in beautiful, sleek and shine that I can only get from a flat iron.  If you have a finer hair type you would adjust to a lower temperature and will be straightening your hair in 10-20 seconds from turning it on.  I love how fast it heats up, even if I think I'm running late I will be able to plug it in and at least run over my bangs, and still be on my way out the door in under a minute.  I have experienced no problems with the operation of the flat iron and highly recommend it to people of all hair types.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Croc Professional Flat Iron

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