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Cricket - PCD cricket Cell Phone

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cricket -pcd txtm8 phone sucks


any crickets phone are honestly not your best bet for a long-term phone of course the no contract and your bill is the same every month thats the only pros , but the phone only lasts up to 4months tops, its made from cheap material i wouldnt recomend ANYONE BUY A CRICKET PHONE.

North Las Vegas, NV


TXTm8 isn't that great


When I first seen the txtm8 I thought we were going to love the phone, but it turned out that the txtm8 isn't really that great. We've had it less than a year and a piece is broke off the side of the phone, the battery has gone bad/won't hold a charge, and we've gone through 2-3 phone chargers. The full keyboard is nice, but the buttons are really small. If you have larger fingers you really have to watch what buttons you are hitting or your message will look like a bunch of gibberish.  Our phone connects and runs the internet ok, but it's impossible to get it to connect with yahoo. It doesn't matter how many different way we try to connect it just won't work.  The picture quality is fairly good for a cell phone. I have no real complaints about any of the pictures I've taken with it.  Battery life is horrible and the phone's battery has already gotten to the point it won't hold a charge even after we've gone through the original phone charger that came with it, a car charger, and are on another charger now. I wish the phone would have a more uniform charger so the charger would be easy to find. This isn't one of those phones you would just be able to use any old charger on it. For the price of this phone, Cricket has better options. Please look at all of their phones carefully before buying this phone.

Lexington, NC


The Quality of the Cricket Txtm8 is acceptable for the price


The Cricket txtm8 Is a square like phone with a QWERTY keyboard from CRicket Wireless.The cost of this phone is 159.99 plus tax and activation when it is purchased at a Cricket wireless dealership.IF it is purchased online the price is 139.99 plus tax if you are a new customer to cricket. Recently just got this phone yesterday and had no problems with it.When the phone is slid up it reveals the keyboard. THe buttons are kinda small for a person who has big size fingers,but for a small handed person its excellent for.The keyboard buttons are not cramped together, it is arrange just like the blackberry keyboard.There is a decent amount of room for the letters to be found and pushed without pushing the wrong button. The sound quality is good.The person on the other side can hear you clearly and also be heard clearly. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera. The pictures come out ok just wish it was a little clearer. The txtm8 has a built in MP3 player that can hold up to 4GB.Some widgets located on the side of the screen allows internet acces like horoscopes,myspace,weather forecast and so on.Internet moves at a pretty decent speed.Speakerphone quality can be improved .

Columbus, GA


Cricket - PCD cricket Cell Phone

3.0 3