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Cricket Cell Phone

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How Can the Same Phone From Different Companies Be Different


The price for all of Cricket's phone are very affordable. This is made possible by the fact that they seem to dumb down all of their phones. I have had the HTC EVO 3D from both Cricket and from Sprint. I bought them both brand new as a Cricket phone and as a Sprint phone. The Sprint one was capable of doing much more than the Cricket one did. The difference was so bad that I eded up flashing my Sprint HTC to Cricket and not caring about the Cricket HTC anymore. Performance The actual android software that is loaded onto the Cricet phones seems to be pre programmed to not work as well as it should. Voice Quality With everything Cricket, when you actually have service it is always amazing. However, the issue is not with how great the service is, and more of where is there service? Battery Life Most of the phones are able to hold a charge for a very long time. Durability Their phones are just as durable as every other phone company's phone.




Its ok if you just dont want a contract.


This phone is ok. The price is ok. You can get the same price with other companies. The biggest benefit is that you dont have to sign a contract and its not a minute phone. I dont like that you have to buy everything seperate, such as voicemail, and call waiting. Its pretty much like a house phone but its a cell phone.


Belleville, IL


Cricket sucks


The cricket cell phones are great but the service sucks. There are many dropped calls, I was unable to use the service inside my house and there was no service for a town not that far from St Louis with a population of 60,000. Also, despite the low cost plans, there are a lot of menu items that arent included in the price and my bill ended up being much larger than advertised. Mostly, they have a HORRIBLE network range.


Saint Louis, MO




Ther aer a lot of cricket cell phones that are really cheap, I brought an 150.00 phone brand new two weeks latter it strated acting up an when I got to the cricket store I found out the same phone that I haved purched other customers had the same problem/or silmair to the same problem.


Concord, NC


this cricket phone totally fits me and my needs!


this phone is perfect for anyone looking for something simple, small, stylish, and easy to use. It has been an electronic in my life i'd be completely lost without. Every feature is easy and useable. I would say its worth any price you might pay for it.


Tucson, AZ


Only worth the trouble if you need the unlimited minutes and tex


Cricket phones/service has a lot of problems. The phones are pretty crappy and you MUST purchase one of their phones to use their service. The phones are not durable and have MANY problems and Cricket does not like to fix the phone, they will just sell you another one! The one thing that is good about Cricket is the unlimited minutes and text which is great when you have kids, you don't have t be concerned with them going over on their minutes.


West Chester, OH


Cricket Cell Phone

2.5 6