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Cricket - Cell Phone

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phone is nice- just too many problems with it


Also known as the Cricket TXTM8 At first site.. this is a great phone with great looking features. I bought this phone online with Cricket in August. As soon as it arrived in the mail..I had to take it to a store location where they had to give me a new phone replacement. They know me in the store now after 6 visits since then for all types of phone issues. I have experienced screen freezing, middle of phone call freezing, email not working properly, phone not starting, difficulty with charging, power button broken upon 1st initial phone sent, phone shutting off out of the blue, not holding charge.  Th ebad part is that if I want to get a replacement.. it is all fees. I have the warranty and insurance.. I now have to have the phone sent to the insurance company where they will let me know if its something caused by me or the phone. If it is the phone.. they will credit 35.00 to my account and I would get a replacement. The kicker is.. I would have to pay 45.00 initially in order to get the replacement..and then wait for the 35.00 decision. in the end I am still out 10.00. Service on the network is fine... but the phone is a pain. Also.. the internet access on this phone really does not give you access to say Sprint or any other network normally would. Full sites are not accessible.  I would look into another network if you really need to have access to these features.

Philadelphia, PA


Cricket - Cell Phone

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