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Crest Vivid White Fluoride Invigorating Mint Toothpaste

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Very minty clean refreshing taste!!


Crest Vivid White Fluoride Invigorating Mint Toothpaste is among the line of whitening toothpaste from crest. I have used this toothpaste many times and enjoy it very much. Leaves my mouth feeling very clean like I just left the dentists office.




Crest vivid leaves your month feeling unbeleivably clean


This product is outstanding. It leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. It leaves your teeth shining and sparkling white. The best part is it taste great and doesn't leave an after taste in your mouth. I notice the whitening mechanism working right away. I can see my teeth getting whiter each day that i use the product. It has a great smell and a great taste. I had a few front teeth that had coffee stains for I am a major coffee drinker. I noticed in a small amount of time after using the product it was getting rid of the coffee stains on my teeth I have dreaded for so long. I was not sure about this product at first as im skeptical about any whitening product but I recommend this to anyone who wants whiter teeth and wants to see a difference fast. If your out at the store put this one on your shopping list. I'm telling you, you will not be disappointed in the results you receive from the product.


Halethorpe, MD


Crest Vivid White Toothpaste is the best at whitening!


About 6 months ago, I switched over to Crest Vivid White Fluoride Invigorating Mint Toothpaste and I will never use another toothpaste again! I wanted a toothpaste that would whiten my teeth and keep them white. This product definitely does that. I also love the shape of the tube, since you can stand it on the cap, so it takes up less room on my bathroom counter (which isn't very big). I love the Invigorating Mint flavor because it's not too strong but still leaves my mouth feeling fresh and minty. If you haven't tried this toothpaste, I would definitely try it the next time you are purchasing toothpaste. There are always coupons for it in the coupon mailers that get sent out as well. Every time I purchase it, I have a coupon to use.


Centerville, UT


Crest Vivid White Fluoride Invigorating Mint Toothpaste is 'ok'.


I have tried and used many brands of toothpaste over the years and have also tried many of the types that claim to whiten your teeth. Crest Vivid White toothpaste is a decent product, but nothing to brag about, although their claims of extreme whitening and all that goes with that, would definitely cause you to believe it's wonderful product. When I used this product, it had a pleasant taste, 'lathered' up well in my mouth and seemed to rinse quite well and thoroughly. I liked the way it made teeth and mouth feel extremely clean. I really did not see an immediate change in how white my teeth were, and it actually took quite a while to see a change. The little change I did notice was indeed little. In the areas of this product getting your teeth to feel real clean, I recommend, but in the area of getting your teeth really white, not so much. This would really be one of those products where there's no yes or no, you just have to try it for yourself.


Livingston, TX


Crest vivid white fluoride invigorating mint toothpaste is great


I have tried a lot of whitening products from the kind that's like rubber you paint on your teeth and sleep in overnight to the little strips you're supposed to wear for 30 minutes. All of those things work well and good but the problem with them was I would never have time to do it. I was too tired at night or didn't feel like having weird little stuff on my teeth while I was sleeping etc. When I got Crest vivid white toothpaste I used it 3 or 4 times a day because I was brushing my teeth anyway. I would say over time it worked just as well as all the other products, if not better, just for the simple fact that I actually used it on a regular basis as opposed to letting it sit in the drawer. I also got compliments on how white my teeth were and I hadn't even been paying attention to how well it was working up until that point. I would definitly recommend this. I even bought some for my grandmother who was complaining about her teeth being yellow.


Jupiter, FL


Best Toothpaste in the WORLD, actually whitens your teeth!!


I know, I never thought that toothpastes could actually whiten your teeth but this one really does!!  After using it for a little over a month or so my own wife asked me if I had been whitening my teeth and I hadn't, the only thing I had done was switch to this toothpaste.  Not only my wife noticed either, I had more than one person comment on my teeth looking whiter, which is crazy, I would have never expected something like that...  The taste of the actual toothpaste is good also, I have a very sensative tongue and a lot of products will burn when I use it, this does not but has a great mint flavor.  If I had to come up with one thing that isnt perfect, I guess I would say that it gets very hard to get this out of the tube when it gets low, it is very hard to squeeze the tube when the product is almost gone, they should really look at redesigning the tube itself to make it easier to get the paste out when it gets low, for the extra price you pay for this you definitely want to use all of it and not waste any...


Pleasant Grove, UT


crest vivid white


I've been using this tooth paste for about 3 to 4 months twice a day . I like the clean feeling I get and the smell but I haven't seen much of the whitening  part . My teeth seem to be the same shade  


Cincinnati, OH


Effective whitening for an over-the-counter solution


I can't afford to whiten my teeth professionally.  Well, i suppose I could, but I'm not willing to trade priorities with the kids, the wife, and a few of my guy toys here and there.  What I *can *do is pay a little extra for a toothpaste I'll use regularly like ***Crest *Vivid White**. I don't have a lot of time to fiddle with an extra step in my daily routine like using a strip or soaking my teeth.  I'm also too absent-minded to remember to do either of those on a regular basis.  So having my cleaning and whitening consolidated into a single step day and night makes things a lot easier for me to handle...and remember. I've noticed a different at times when I've come back from a long work trip (about a week) and haven't been using my ***Crest *Vivid White**.  My teeth don't have the same level of brightness.  It may just be the difference in lighting, but I'd love a travel sized tube of ***Crest *White **that I can get through the airport with my carry-on.


Dayton, OH


crest vivid white toothpaste is great until you get to the end


The Crest Vivid White group of toothpastes is great until the end. The end of the tube is always a pain, but this is worse because it's like it has 3 separate tubes. My teeth don't feel evenly clean if I don't get the whitening gel & the paste out together.


Wamego, KS


Crest Vivid White actually seemed to work!


Was more than I usually pay, but we really wanted to try some teeth whitening that wasn't as expensive as the all out teeth whitening procedures.  For being just a toothpaste, I thought it worked great!


Iola, KS


Crest Vivid White Fluoride Invigorating Mint Toothpaste

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