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Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Deep Clean Toothpaste

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Easily my favorite toothpaste


I'm going to start this baby off by letting you know how I REALLY feel about toothpaste. I hate it. I literally gag when I brush my teeth, sometimes to the point of vomiting because I simply CANNOT stand the taste of toothpaste. Okay sorry for the too much information. This toothpaste is quite literally the only "adult" toothpaste that I don't do that with. The taste isn't over powering in the least, in fact, it's pretty pleasant. Also, my teeth and mouth feel sparkling clean after brushing with this. It's kind of difficult to explain so you're just going to have to try it yourself to understand what I mean. My breath smelled as though I had just used mouthwash, which was awesome on the days that I was away from home and didn't have mouthwash on hand. As far as whitening, I didn't notice a big change in the color of my teeth by using this. But to be honest, I was looking for a toothpaste I could handle, rather than whitening powers.

Ogden, IA


I love how minty Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Toothpaste is!


My sample of Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Deep Clean Toothpaste couldn't have come at a better time. I was ready to toss out the Colgate Total Enamel Strength Toothpaste I bought recently and then I got this in my mailbox. Perfect timing! I'm a fan of Crest toothpaste, but my husband doesn't like Crest because he says that it's "too sweet", so I have to buy Colgate since I don't want two different toothpastes in my medicine cabinet. I have gotten to keep this toothpaste all to myself for the aforementioned reason and I can say that I really like it! Not that I can ever buy it...but I really like it! The sample of **Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Deep Clean Toothpaste** that I received came in the flavor *Effervescent Mint*, which I thoroughly enjoy. It's a super strong minty flavor that is really potent...just the way I like my minty toothpastes to be! This Crest toothpaste: fights cavities, whitens teeth and gives them a deep clean feeling. I am disappointed in the fact that it doesn't do anything for gingivitis and/or plaque, because Colgate Total does. I didn't notice whitening because my teeth are already white from my Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster, but I did like the clean feeling this gave me and I really loved the *Effervescent Mint* flavor. I would prefer it to fight gingivitis and plaque, but that's the only thing I would change.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Tooth whitening toothpaste


I am very carefully about what toothpaste I use since I have very sensitive teeth. I was sent Crest complete and tried it for two weeks. Love this toothpaste. Not only did I see a difference in tooth color but I did not have a problem with sensitivity. I also liked the deep cleaning without the heavy toothpaste taste.

Sumner, WA


Great for the whole family.


If you are looking for a toothpaste to do multiple jobs, then give this one a try. Crest Complete Multi-Benefit leaves a long-lasting clean feeling and it did not bother my sensitive teeth. It did not have an overpowering taste. They say it deep cleans and polishes your teeth and leaves you with a deep clean feeling all day. Well I brushed my teeth with it in the AM and my teeth and my mouth still felt fresh by dinner time. I think Crest is on to something here. When you brush your teeth the toothpaste itself isn't strong and over bearing. A little goes a long way. It quickly made a thick minty lather. I liked how the paste stayed on my teeth instead of foaming up to where I would have to spit it out. Give it a try.

Palm Harbor, FL


Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Deep Clean Toothpaste

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