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Creme Of Nature Conditioning Shampoo, Regular

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I have tried this shampoo.


I received a sample to Creme of Nature Shampoo in the mail awhile ago and thought I would try it for washing my hair. I like the texture of this shampoo and the added oil to help prevent dryness to the hair. It has a great scent, also. It left my hair feeling soft and moisturized. It is a shampoo that I would purchase and use more often to help prevent hair breakage and promote hair growth. By me being an Afro-American, my hair needs the oil and extra moisture to help promote growth and prevent hair breakage. This is a shampoo that I will invest off into in the future and will recommend to anyone that needs a hair care product to prevent breakage and help with damaged hair ends. Effectiveness The sample that I use seem to contain a sufficient amount oil to help keep my scalp moisturized and left my hair feeling soft. It works better than most shampoo that costs more. Scent I like the smell of the Creme of Nature Shampoo, especially when it leaves my hair smelling like the shampoo.



Fantastically Silky Smooth


Creme of Nature Conditioning Shampoo, leaves the hair silky and smooth.  The hint of natural sheen, with ultra bounce, for healthy more manageable type of hair.  Creme of Nature Conditioning Shampoo, gives the hair the full nutrients of all the leading brands, with less the cost.  Its creme milky texture, and welcoming smell, will give you hours of sensations with the scratch to the scalp for ultimate hair care.  Creme of Nature shampoo salon choosen but home safe, and totally easy on the pocket book.  I have been a avid user of Creme of Nature and I have a healthy, more shiny, managable head of mane, thanks to the reselenace of Creme of Nature Shampoo and Conditioner.   Can be found at your local retail markets, for the best in Hair Care you must try Creme of Nature Conditioning Shampoo, created and designed with the touch of silk, the elegance of class, and heart of you in mind! Its Creme of Nature Shampoo!

Franklin, KY


makes hair fell sof and manageable


i have used this shampoo since i went to the haridresser and she used it on my hair after she relaxed it and i also use it on my daughters hair. it is the best shampoo and it has the conditioner built in so i don't have to buy a lot of productd.

Hinesville, GA


The only Organic shampoo I need--Creme of Nature!!!


Like most multi-racial people, I have struggled for years to find the right hair products to tame my curly, unruly and selfish mane. After years of struggling, I finally relented to relaxing my hair in order to help tame my curls a little bit better. Although my roots were straightened chemically, the rest of my hair was cracked, brittle and tangled. I was recommended to use Creme of Nature products by a fellow curly-haired friend and the moment I used the shampoo, my life was changed. I won't use words like "invigorating", but I will say it was a relief to be able to run my fingers through my curls and know that the product I was using was 100% organic. Most Creme of Nature products use fresh, citrus, fruity ingredients such as Kiwi and Citrus Orange to help bring shine, moisture and bounce back into your natural curls. I have now resorted to using every single product of Creme of Nature and I could not have made a better choice. I will write reviews for their other products as well. Since using Creme of Nature Shampoo, my hair is manageable, long, shiny and tamed. I only use heat products to style my hair once a week and that's enough for me, thanks to Creme of Nature.

Orlando, FL


Creme Of Nature Conditioning Shampoo, Regular

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