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Credit One Bank - Classic Visa Card

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One of the Worst Credit Cards


Credit One is one of the worst type of credit cards that have been available to consumers with no, or bad, credit history. This card can easily be applied for through their website, but at what expense? Once you get the first bill, you will find out that you have been charged all kinds of fees: **Enrollment Fee ($69)** **Annual Membership Fee ($69)** Annual Percentage Rate of **(23.90%)** **Online Payment Fee** ($7.95) (they even charge you to pay your balance!) Late Payment Fee **($32)** Very, very low Credit Limit ($250 in CA!) Credit One does not have a good customer service either, since they take "risky" consumers. They do not have any phisical banks or financial branches available to their customers. So, they only way to do business with this company is by calling them. If you call their center, they do not have any professional system in place. In that the customer would have to call and wait for someone to pick up the phone, rather than the other financial institutes where you expect a modern, automated system that helps you through. The only nice aspect of Credit One is that they make your Credit Score available on their web site free of charge. All in all, I do not recommend this Credit Card company to anyone at all. There are plenty of financial establishments that can help people with no, or bad, credit history for much better rates and do not burden you with ***mythical*** fees.

Berkeley, CA


Charges you to make a payment


My partner had some credit problems and decided to get this card as a step toward rebuilding her credit score/profile. We'll live with it -- for a year, and hopefully then be in a position to get something different. You pay a price for an annual membership fee, plus an astronomical fee that goes up dependent upon the credit limit they give you- as in $125 fee for a $500 credit limit. Ok, I can swallow all of that along with the higher interest rate,which is a non issue since we are paying the full balance every month. BUT ! when I went to make the payment due, I discovered that there is No option for setting up an autopayment and if I want to make a payment online, it costs me $9.95 to pay with a debit/credit card OR a direct checking acct withdrawal. Are you kidding me? The only free way to make a payment is by snail mail. Ridiculous. And of course, by the time you discover this, you've already incurred the annual fees. So, it is what it is, but of course, buyer beware!

Canterbury, CT


Credit One gave me a chance


I used to have good credit a long time ago. But then things happened and I got behind on my paymets and my good credit started going down the drain. After paying off some credit cards and trying to rebuild my credit I tried Credit One and guess what they approved me. I have never had a problem with customer service when I call them and Credit One is a good card to have. I was able to sign up to see my credit score for free. All in all thanks to Credit One I now am able to have a credit card again.

Moreno Valley, CA


the platinum visa card has too much fees...


the platinum visa card from credit one bank is not that is a bad credit card is that the bank has too many fees they charge you for everything the only good thing about it is that the monthly payments are really low. all the crdholdres of this card should now what I'm talking about you can buy whereever you want you can give get money in cash with the pin that they give you but the interest to get cash is higher than if your simply paying for what your buying or eating for that matter...... i have one of those cards thats how I know how they work...... i really didn't know how much i would have to py them back one i put some balance in the card but oh well the balance it's not that high........ i'm just going to say if you ever encounter a card with such high annual fees that they devide in mohnly fees please thinks about it twice before you make that decision because once you are in there is no going back....

Stockbridge, GA


Credit One Bank - Classic Visa Card

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