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Creative Technology Vado Camcorder

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Excellent HD standalone camcorder


I purchased the Creative Technology Vado Camcorder after having problems with my Flip MinoHD. I was drawn to this camcorder because of its fairly high memory capacity. I am able to record a little over 2 hours of HD (720p) footage before running out of space. The display screen on the camcorder is very small, but it gives an accurate depiction of what I'm recording. This camcorder produces excellent video quality and good sound with each video I shoot, but a well lit area is a must. When I'm recording footage outside or in a bright room my videos look amazing, but under low light I can barely make out images. Besides low light shooting I don't have a single problem with this camcorder. I have been using this camcorder for several years now and only had to recharge maybe 10 times. This device holds a charge better than any electronic I have ever owned. The battery doesn't really drain when I'm using it and when it's powered off the battery practically stays the same. I can't see getting rid of the Creative Technology Vado Camcorder any time soon.

Westchester, IL


Creative Technology Vado Camcorder

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