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Creative - Fatality Headphones

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These are the best headphones ive ever had


Between myself my husband and my children there is always someone sitting at our computer and we always use head phones as to not disrupt the rest of the home when we are playing our music, watching videos, or playing games. We have gone through so many sets from either them not working right, breaking quickly or feeling uncomfortable but we have recently bought a set of Creative Fatality headphone and we are completely in love with them, they feel like a set of fuzzy earmuffs resting on your ears and the sound is incredible. They also come with a nice little carrying case if you need to take them with you somewhere or even just to cover them to protect them while there sitting on your desk. We are hoping that these last awhile and when they go we will surely by another set just like it.

Pottsville, PA


Creative - Fatality Headphones

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