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Creations by You
Creations by You IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit

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You have to pay shipping to get your story back!


Its a totally fantastic concept, but having to pay shipping again to get the book is somewhat lame and misleading. I purchased this for a birthday gift for my daughter's friend, and only after it arrived did I find out that this wasn't a totally 'complete' package, and that they would have to pay for shipping. Fine if you're doing it yourself, but if you're giving as a gift, it seems a little chintzy! This was a few years ago, and they may have changed it now, but buyer beware, especially if it's a gift. I took 1 star off for that. Otherwise, great idea!


Mountain View, CA


Build self-esteem while having fun- Creations by you ILLuStory


What a great self-esteem builder for the young person.You can encourage that special child in your life to write a story. Then surprise them by having it made into a book. There is even a  page just about the author is included and they will be so honored to see theif book published. Everything comes in the kit to make it easy to do and even includes postage and an envelope to mail it in. The finished book includes a title, dedication page and a page about the author. This will certainly be a esteem builder and one that will be fun for them. The book is designed for ages 5 years and up. The finished book is certainly a memory maker. It is really quite easy, the company has done everything for you. All the way from ldoing the the layouts to professional typesetting and when finished it is printed and publised as a hardbound book., Youjust  send in the story. They publish it in a 12 page book and include a page about the author and includes a speical page just about them as the author. I think this would make wonderful birthday presents for nieces, nephews etc. 


Peoria, AZ


Illustory Kits - Preserving Your Child's Stories


My children have made three of these books.  The finished product is absolutely adorable.  These books are true keepsakes and I am happy my kids took the time to preserve their stories.  The kits are very simple to use.  The kit comes with several papers where your child can illustrate their story.  The papers also have a small lined area below the illustration where they write their story.  The kit also comes with markers.  However, your child can also use their own markers if they want more variety or if the kit's markers get dried out.  Finally, the kit has a postage paid envelope that you mail your completed project in.  Illustory sends you a beautiful bound copy of the your child's creation.  It does take a few weeks to receive the finished product back so you may have to plan ahead if you are creating these for gifts.  Also, if you want to purchase multiple copies or make upgrades to the books then it can be quite expensive.  We creatived the basic book and were very pleased with the quality of the product.


Draper, UT


fun toy for kids


I got this for my nephew on christmas because it was on sale at the toy store.  I didnt really know anything about it, but he is always drawing pictures and telling funny little stories.  When he opened it,he knew what it was and he looked a little excited.  after all the gifts were open he started playing with this and he really seemed to enjoy it a lot.  It turns out you can go online and make your own book, then they will mail it to you as if it is a REAL hard cover book.  MY newhep tried it out, but it hasnt shipped yet.  But if everythign goes as planned, it should turn out really well.  this is a very cute and easy to give present to any small child becasue they can make what they want from it and it can be for boys are girls. so if your looking for a late gift for any children from around three to nine, this is a perfect gift and i give it two thumbs upIf you want to read any of my other reviews check out my page


Dayton, OH


Illustory is an awesome way for kids to capture memories


Illustory is a fun and exciting new way for kids to make memories of events. And is a skillbuilding toy that helps children practice their motor skills without even realizing it! It is also a fun project for adults to be involved in also. It is a great way to bring together  sibling, or parent and child. It is a project that all can enjoy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Anderson, IN


Own Your Own Story Kit is One of A Kind


This "Own Your Own Story Kit is One of A Kind", everything you need to know about starting up a new little business for yourself is here in this kit.  I know you are probably saying that you can not do it yourself, but with all of the detail instructions even your little one will have know problems of getting started. It is fun and exciting and really enjoyable for the entire family. You will be so intunned with the process until hours will have passed without realizing it. So, take the time and order your kit today and I promise you, you will not be sorry.


Orlando, FL


IlluStory was fun years ago, Still fun today


My daughter received one of these for a Christmas present about 4 years ago.  She's almost 13 now. She thought it was the neatest thing back then.  Your kids actually gets to write and illustrate their own story.  It's a neat concept, the only problem is your kid has to wait to have their actual book sent to them. The kit comes in an easy to open box.  Your child can illustrate and write their own story.  Then you ship the "book" out and it is sent back to you, in book form.  My daughter still has her book, now that she's older it's a nice keepsake.  It's the perfect gift for children aged 5-10.  I think any child under that age or older than that wouldn't really be able to grasp the concept of would think it was too babyish.  The kits are a little pricey but would make a nice gift for a kid you didn't know too well.  It would make a perfect present for a "new" big brother or sister after the birth of a new sibling.  This way they could record their memories. Very neat gift idea.


Copper Hill, VA


Make Your Own Story by Creations


How cool is this! I am a creative Grandma / Auntie. The kids when given a choice come here. I got this kit just to see what we could do with it. I ended up having to buy  more. It lends itself well to one on one time and to group activities and they all contribute to the book. We have had so much fun playing with this and some of the stories they come up with are hilarious. For the younger kids we use coloring pages from online and from coloring books we have to illustrate our pictures in the book. The older kids love to get online with it where they have a little more creativity.  This is great for kids that are not interested in books or reading. Once they get their book back they read and read and read looking for new ideas for their own tales. You can even buy extra copies at a reasonable price to distribute to other family members or for group projects so every one gets their own copy of the book.I would recommend this book to anyone that has children in their lives. This was definately money well spent and we can reuse the story guides over and over.


Kent , WA


Make Your Own Story Kit - Good for Some


The idea of this product is a great one.  What kid wouldn't love to write their own story and have it "published"??  The pages are a good size and have plenty of room for pictures and writing.  The drawbacks I find with it are having to send it away to be published and the child losing interest before the book is over and it becomes sort of a waste of money at that point.


Lees Summit, MO


Sitting in the box


I bought 2 of these 2 years ago as Christmas presents....one for each child.  At school they are really into writing their own stories and getting them published. They have been sitting on a shelf in the play room since the day they were opened.


Reading, PA


Creations by You IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit

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