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CrazyMeds.us (formerly CrazyMeds.org)

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"Crazy meds" suck but not as much as being uninformed.


***Note: CrazyMeds.org has relocated to CrazyMeds.us. Same info, different address.*** **Quick View:** I am terrified of medicines. ALL of them. I will have teeth pulled and operations performed with local anesthesia because I refuse to take any pain meds or go to sleep for procedures. When anyone I know is prescribed a medication, I am the first one to look it up and learn all about it. When a medication is suggested to me, I read everything, scare myself to death, and refuse to touch the stuff. One site that is straight talk and no medical yadda yadda that that I don't understand is **CrazyMeds.us**. If you or someone you know is taking - or considering taking - a medication for a "brain boo boo" like depression, anxiety, bi polar disorder, epilepsy or a wealth of other problems, **CrazyMeds.us** is the place to start your research. **What is CrazyMeds.us?** This site takes all the stuff in the medical studies, the manufacturer claims, user studies and evidence, and more and puts it into words we all understand. The site owner, Jason Poore, has been through a lot and is incredibly intelligent. He has done all our homework for us. However, if you are offended easily, this site isn't for you. He talks straight talk. The slogan for the site is: *Crazy Meds Suck Donkey Dong!* But he goes on to explain that, "*eventually they stop sucking, or they stop sucking so hard. I'm just not going to lie to you, the meds suck, but they keep us sane. They suck so much less than the alternative".* This is definitely a pro meds site but one that advocates taking the RIGHT medication for your condition and not blindly doing whatever your doctor says. You know how you feel and you know what works better than anyone does. The author's stance is that you should know all there is to know so you can be prepared for any side effects and you can also help to decide what might be best for you. He does a lot of comparative studies, breaks down what those studies REALLY mean, and straight talks about side effects, withdrawal symptoms, and everything in between. I landed on the site a while ago when my doctor thought a low dose of an antidepressant may be in order mostly for anxiety and my constant complaining of lack of motivation. I found the site and stayed on it for hours. It's amazing to read straight talk from someone who isn't making money from me, who doesn't want to sell me anything, and who is not a "couch jumper" as he says. He believes that mental illnesses are invisible injuries and should be treated just as outward injuries are. And he openly admits that crazy meds suck donkey dong. But he tells us what NOT taking them if they are needed is like which I won't repeat here since this is a family site. But it puts things into perspective! This a great site for studies, forums, info, and some humor. If you don't understand the medical mumbo jumbo on many sites and are scared to death when reading many user forums (as I am. Those people who write about their experiences scare the heck out of me. I never take any medications after reading other people's scary experiences), this site is for you. It's straight talk but completely reliable as far as the info you get goes. Everything is fully documented and all studies can be found by clicking the links. The word "crazy" makes most people turn away in disgust. This site acknowledges that most of us are crazy. Not all of us need medication but, if life is "sucking" and you can't pull yourself out of it with healthy lifestyle changes and the other methods we often use to make ourselves feel better, then we need to face our issues and treat them. The site exists to help you become educated to the many medications available to you for a number of mental diagnoses and to give YOU control over what may be best for you. This site is not one that pushes medications. If it were, I would have never given it a minute of my time. It's information of all kinds giving you the power to be in control of your own life. There is much more than medication info. Anything that someone with a mental diagnosis needs is there. And the advice and info is sane, despite the fact that the author says he is crazy or - "mentally interesting". He encourages all to be informed and to stop hiding our issues. It's NOT a shame to be depressed or anxious or OCD or bi polar or anything else just as it isn't shameful to have diabetes or a broken leg. It is what it is. **My Viewpoint** I learned SO MUCH on this site! Whether I decide to take medication or not (I am leaning against it for now since my life doesn't seem to suck as much as the medications can.), this site has enlightened me to the many medications out there, their side effects, their success rates, what to expect, what works and doesn't, and so much more. Not only did it educate me, it entertained me. This guy isn't one to mince words and he cuts through all the medical jargon. He essentially tells us what sucks less than other things although it all sucks. But, he maintains, being miserable and not treating a condition you can't get yourself out of sucks even more. There are no doctors on the site. Just site owner Jerod Poore and the many, many studies and medical data that is impossible to break down alone. He does it for us. I strongly recommend that you take a look at this site and educate yourself. Even if you don't have any mental issues and are not considering medication, learning about the many disorders out there and the symptoms, treatments, and studies is fascinating. I am sure everyone knows at least one person who is on some sort of drug for a mental issue if only for mild depression or anxiety. Learn what they go through and what they deal with and, if you happen to suffer from any type of mental issue, you'll feel a part of this site that doesn't talk down to you nor does it coddle you. It's straight, sometimes shockingly colorful, talk and info that will empower you. ***4 stars.*** I would go with 5 but without any medical doctor to substantiate the info, I know I have to do more research to be 100% positive of what I read on **CrazyMeds.us**. So far, everything I cross referenced was right on.

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CrazyMeds.us (formerly CrazyMeds.org)

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