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Crayola Window Crayons

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These are okay.


These Crayola Window Crayons are fun.. At first. They stay on a little too well. I always have a hard time getting these colors off of my windows! Maybe it's just me. The good thing about these window crayons is that they also work decently on paper. I would recommend these to a parent.




Crayola Window Crayons are excellent for any holiday!


We gave these to our 4 year old Christmas morning and so far so good. We really wish we would have given them to her earlier. We all could have used these to decorate our window for Christmas rather than buying expensive decorations. I can definitely see us using these at valentines day! As far as everyday use goes we have an older entertainment stand that is well balanced on the floor and will not move and it has a glass door. We like to let her decorate it. So far we have found that this would not be good to temporarily decorate coffee cups or anything that would have a hotter temperature as it wipes off on to hands easier. If you do not like cleaning up messy children do not buy these. They do rub off onto skin as she colors and may need bathing. In the bath we can get them off but, the darker colors did leave a ring around my tub. Once again it wasn't hard to clean up but it was there. Cleaning the marker off the decorated object also requires a little more effort then usual. These are not dry erase makers. They show up brighter and are a little different. To clean we use a wet sponge to get the item all wet and dry washcloth to wipe the remains off. One last tip for before you use make sure your glass surface is clean. The cleaner it is the easier it comes off.  These remind me of lipstick. You know how sometimes people leave a little sweet nothing to there sweet heart on the mirror in the bathroom? Well better yet you now have more colors to use. The texture is about the same as lipstick and the way you twist the container up to get more out is a lot the same. 


Grand Rapids, MI


Crayola Window Crayons are Wonderful


My daughter got these from my mother in law for Christmas and she loves them. She uses them in the windows and in the bathtub, too! She has used them to draw on regular paper which make them look like the oil pastels that I would use as a child. They do not work as well on paper because the smear and make a mess on their little hands. When they color on the windows, you can see the bright colors and they do not fade right away. These crayons are also a great alternative to the expo markers that we would use for the wipe board easel. They do not have a strong scent and do not leave permanent marks on the kids' clothing like the Expo markers. However, it does take quite a bit of work to clean the marks from these crayons on skin and clothes. I wish that these came in more colors because I have only been able to find the basics (red, blue, yellow, green). If you are considering these Crayolawindow crayons, you should definitely buy them.


Brighton, MA


These awesome crayons helped me potty train my 3 year old!


I bought these with the idea that I would use it them as a motivator (or reward) for my 3 year old in conjunction with potty training. Every-time she used the potty, her reward was getting to draw on one of my sliding glass doors!  After her creation was done, I put them away.   Next time she has success on the potty, she got to use these window crayons to draw a different picture on the same window.  I had no problems with getting all the crayon off the windows, but I did use Windex each time.  Because my daughter likes to press hard with these crayons, the only negative I can say is that on some areas of her drawing, I had to clean it twice in some spots.  My oldest became jealous of being able to draw on the windows, so I decided to use it as a reward system for her as well.  Every-time she cleaned up her room, she got to draw on a window!  These are an easy and inexpensive way to reward your child.  It was fun for us to watch them draw on the windows too! I think these would be great for older children who play sports and would want to decorate the window of a car to show their team spirit.  You could also use them seasonally as well at home or at a business place.  


Newark, DE


Crayola Window Crayons

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