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Crayola Electronic Coloring Book

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This toy is awesome! Entertaining and durable!


The Crayola Electronic coloring book is a great toy!  My three year old just absolutely loves it!  It keeps him entertained for long periods of time and he does not get bored with it.  He has had it for months now and he still plays it almost everyday.  After initially showing him how to use it (and working with him maybe a day on how to work the controls himself) he uses it all by himself.  It is simple enough for a pre-schooler to learn how to use it pretty quickly.  He can plug it in to the tv, push the right tv buttons, color all the pictures, and connect all the dots all by himself.  The pointer crayon is great for kids, because it just has to be pretty close to the object for it to work, thus avoiding the frustration of not being able to get it in exactly the right spot.  The only thing he needs some additional assistance with is 'putting' together the puzzles so that he can color them.  I have even incorporated other lessons into the game.  You can teach colors from it obviously, but we work on numbers too counting objects and the different colors he uses for the picture.  I highly recommend this product to anyone.  It is also very durable, my son has dropped it and stepped on it and it still works great.  It is truly an awesome toy!!!  We like it so much that if it ever does break we will invest in another one.

Trenton, MI


Crayola Electronic Coloring Book

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