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Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free School Tote

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The best when you have a lil artist runnin around


The Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free Tote is one of the best things a mother could buy their child. Who doesnt like a Mess-Free product, It lets you just enjoy watching your child draw/color. My daughter really likes to color but would tend to color our furniture as well, so this really helped us alot!

Mathis, TX


Wonderful product--highly recommended!


This is a wonderful product that the kids love!  It is handy, easy to carry, has markers, a drawing pad and coloring book.  The markers don't write on anything but the special paper making it perfect for church, or on the go.  Never worry about your kids writing on the walls and tables! 

Asheville, NC


A little confusing to kids


I love the fact that these markers are mess-free but my daughter is always left questionning whether or not the markers are working.  Since there is a lag-time between when she colors and the color actually appearing, she always seems to say that they aren't working at first and then she realized that the color has just appeared.  Plus the coloring pages that available usually have some sort of wax design in some areas that prevent color from appearing.  This also confuses my daughter because she doesn't understand that the color won't take in those areas.  I guess there are advantages and disadvantages to everything...the advantage here is that I won't have the rainbow on my walls and furniture but the disadvantage is that my daughter will have a skewed sense of coloring.  I think I'll stick with crayons for the time being because she thoroughly enjoys the variety in colors that Crayola offers.

Dublin, CA


Crayola Color Wonder Mess -Free School Tote is a great invention


When I played with the Crayola Color Wonder Mess- Free School, I had  absolute fun. I live by this product. The children ejoyed the product as well. They played with this product for almost two hours.

Belle Glade, FL


Thank you Crayola!


I am so happy that somebody finally invented Color Wonder!!!!  We use this in our car for longer trips, NO MORE MELTED CRAYONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The only thing I dont like about color wonder is the colors bleed and fade over time so it is hard to keep that special art work from your little one. 

Hertford, NC


Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free School Tote

4.4 5