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Crayola Color Wonder Finger Paints

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Very smart for crayola


What a great idea for totally mess here finger paints. I used to love having the kids use regular finger paints but it gets so much of a hassle with the cleanup that I try to avoid it all together. But with crayola color wonder finger paints they have the fun of finger painting without the mess. I like how it comes with a cute hand that holds the paint on each finger. I like crayolas idea of mess free products.




stick with regular finger paint!


One of the fun aspects of finger paint is that you can see all of the colors mix together immediately. Kids also love being able to use finger paint on large paper so they can swirl their little fingers and hands all over it without worrying about going off the paper. The color-wonder specific paper is too small for kiddos to enjoy that particular aspect, and it also takes a little bit of time for the color to show up. Not recommended; also it smells pretty bad, and you have to wash that gross smell off your kiddos hands.




Great Travel Companion!


I recently bought the Crayola(R) Color Wonder(TM) Table Top Easel for my 5 year old to try. I had seen the commercials and wondered if it was really so great. My son was so excited to try a new art toy i almost couldn't get it unwrapped fast enough. The set came with - 1 Color Wonder table-top easel - 1 6-count Color Wonder mess-free fingerpaint set - 1 12-page tape-bound Color Wonder paint book The table top easel holds all of his art supplies (that comes with it). It is very convinient for on the go play. The pages are easy to tear out to hang on the wall, or give out as gifts as my son has done! The finger paints are gooey and messy, but it does only color on the paper like avertised. So far we have been very please with this set. The only disappointment was that the paint goes fast so stock up. On the up side there are so may characters and kits to choose from now, it will keep them busy all summer.


Corpus Christi, TX


Color Wonder Paints aren't worth the money--buy real paint!


My toddler loves painting and crafts and creating beautiful "works of art." I was thrilled to see that a mess-free paint system existed! Who knew?! My excitement didn't last long, though. The "paint" is a weird consistency, and is whitish clear. It doesn't look liek paint to a kid for sure. My son ended up putting a ton on his little pudgy fingers and was disappointed when he smeared it on the special paper, because the colors weren't there right away.  Eventually they did show up, but he didn't seem to be enjoying himself as much as with the regular washable paint we also use. He rarely complains about regular paint being on his fingers, but he didn't like this--probably because it's a little sticky. Overall, the paint doesn't last long because kids put too much of the goop on their fingers and the replacement paper is kind of expensive. I've been happy with other Crayola Wonder products, like the markers, but I'll pass on this paint in the future. Washable paint is easy to clean up and cheaper, so that's what I'll buy!


Newark, DE


I love the color wonder products!


I love that Crayola came out with the color wonder line of products.  It has save me a lot of worry, knowing that these colors only work on the special paper that they come with and I won't have to be scrubbing walls or floors or clothes to get the colors to come out.  The finger paints are no different.  I really like that they work just like finger paints and yes they are still messy but it does wash off easily and comes clean.  The only thing that bothers me about these products is that it's sometimes hard to find the refill pads of paper.  It's also kind of hard to get the finger paint to come out of the little container that it's in once you get so far down into the container.  But other than that you can breathe easy knowing that your kids can be creative without you worrying that they will destroy your furniture, walls, or clothing. Great job to Crayola for making a product that parents will want to use!


Spring, TX


Color Wonder Finger Paints aren't as messy or as creative.


As a mother of 3, I definitely understand a mother's need for cleaner toys, or at least not-AS-messy craft supplies.  Especially since my 2 year old loves "crafts" but really just loves making a mess (i.e. drawing on her skin, clothes and everything BUT the paper).  For that reason, I do love Color Wonder, in general.  On the other hand, the pictures that my daughters create with Color Wonder products usually don't last very long (the colors smear and blur together) and as they get older, my 6 year old can draw and color much better with regular markers, etc.  With the finger paints in particular, I find that my 2 year old just globs the "paint" on the paper and can easily go through an entire row of paints in one picture.  There ends up being globs of unused white stuff sitting on the paper and it just looks messy.  While a regular finger painting picture might be a little more messy, I feel like it would have more artistic quality to it as well.  The globs of paint would actually have color and add to the texture of their "masterpiece" rather than take away from it.  Overall, I think it's worth it to it to buy the regular finger paints and use the money you save to get a few extra drop cloths and smocks.


Wheeling, IL


Messy product even if there's no color.


My daughter received the Crayola Color Wonder Finger Paints as a gift.  We are a big fan of the Crayola Color Wonder markers and figured that finger paints could be great to not have the mess of regular finger paints.  We decided to go ahead and try them out and I was not impressed.  The paint was not very soft-it's almost like a chapstick consistency.  My daughter ended up digging out a glob of it and rubbing it on the paper.  The color didn't seem to show up very well even though there was quite a bit of it on the paper.  The experience didn't last very long and there still seemed to be a mess to clean up.  The product was very greasy and I'm thankful it didn't touch my furniture before we cleaned it up.  Needless to say, we didn't try it again and we just stick with the Crayola Color Wonder markers.  I would rather use real finger paints rather than using the Crayola Color Wonder Finger Paints.


Fort Wayne, IN


NOt as expected


I recently introduced my two nieces (ages 1 and 3) to the art of fingerpainting.  We were outside on a sunny day and had a blast!  I purchased this product hoping to recreate that fun indoors.  It was a great disappoinment.  You get little tiny "cups" of clear gel-like "paint." You are only supposed to use a tiny amount on your fingers and then rub it on the paper.  It takes probably 30-45 seconds for the color to actually show up on your paper--which only tempted my nieces to glob on still more paint.  If you use too much paint (which my nieces did at times), it doesn't seem to turn colors at all!  The paint feels funny on your fingers--sort of waxy and sort of slimy.  It does come with a little sponge that you can use to wipe your fingers, but it got saturated pretty quickly.  It's hard to tell young children to only use a small amount of paint, so they went through this set in less than 30 minutes.  I guess it was just as well--it would not have been fun trying to reuse the paints anyway! I will say that the book that came with it had really cute pictures (winnie the pooh and tigger).  We're probably just going to use the color wonder markers on it to color in the pictures---we get a lot more use out of them than the paint!


Bethlehem, GA


Vibrant Colors But Runny


I bought these paints for our children as they always seemed to ask for them after seeing the commercial  The paints come in very easy to use containers for the kids and you seem to get a nice amount for the money you spend The texture of these paints however looks really really good in the containers until you start to use them They are runny so make sure you use a well newspapered area and have a bin of water for easy cl;ean up  The colors are very vibrant but the kids were disapointeed the first time they painted as the colors all ran together and were not very bright on the paper at all   Now when they paint they wait for one color to dry before using the next color I did buy this for a couple of relatives who told me later how runny they were    crayola needs to give these a makeover in the texture department


Bemidji, MN


Not a typical Crayola product


My three year old daughter has used the Crayola Color Wonder markers for months and loves them. The markers make no mess and have great colors. I bought the Crayola finger paints assuming they would be the same. Looking at the package, the finger paints look like solid white paints. Kind of like watercolors. Actually the finger paints are the consistency of soft chapstick. My daughter rubbed her finger in the paints until her fingertips were covered and that used about 1/2 of that color of paint. When she tried to finger paint, it made a kind of smeared mess. It takes several minutes for the paint to appear and since she doesn't have the patience to wait to see what it looked like, she added more paint. Most of her pictures ended up looking a brown color. Though when you use each color individually, once the colors appear they are a pretty vibrant color. The package showed pictures of Color Wonder drawing paper and coloring books as examples of what you can use the finger paints on. However, using the fingerpaints on a color wonder coloring book would be difficult. You have to put so much of the finger paint on your finger to show up, it leaves a lotion feeling residue across the paper. Though, my daughter loved using them. She didn't care how much she used or that it was goopy. The only thing she didn't like was the time it took for the colors to show up. This product my be more appropriate for an older child such as a kindergartener or child in elementary school. Comparing Color Wonder finger paints to regular old school finger paints they do make less of a mess in the long run.  


Kingsport, TN


Crayola Color Wonder Finger Paints

2.9 10