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Crayola 150 Crayon Telescoping Tower

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Just wow


Send your child to school with this Crayola 150 Crayon Telescoping Tower and they'll be everyone's go to person for colors. I love this product. There is such a huge multitude of colors for my son to choose from, they're easy to get in and out of the case, and you can color for months with these crayons.




Fun product


Well this is a really cool product for your boy or girl that enjoys coloring. This is essentially Crayola quality crayons outfitted with a really fun to play with (and look at) telescoping tower. The nice thing about this is that it makes the packaging (and organizer) not only just handy as it is a method to sorting and keeping things tidy but it also does it in a fun way. Once you open it up, you lay the tower flat on its base and the tower starts off with a wide exterior base and gradually gets closer and smaller as it gets taller. This makes it fun to pick out and restock your crayon pile. It also makes it very easy for your child to arrange crayons based on preference and color. As for the actualy crayons, they are excellent. I have no complaints. The crayons are durable (of course, if your baby drops them from the table then you should expect a crack), give out plenty of vivid colors, and are quite tall, meaning that you get a lot for your money. This is a fun crayon set that your child will enjoy.


Los Angeles, CA


Great Storage Concept


When I saw this product, I jumped on it right away, thinking it could help in my ongoing pursuit of having the children's craft supplies contained to one area and organized. I was so tired of finding crayons and markers it miscellaneous places and thought if my kid's had  a cool telescoping tower to house the crayons, they would take better care of them. I'm glad to say that the kid's like the tower and it has really helped keeping the crayons in one place. The color variety is great and it looks nice displayed on their desk. The only downside is that the tips of the crayons break off more so than a regular box of crayons, and I'm not exactly sure why. When this happens, it's a pain to get the broken crayon out and if the kids don't realize, they try to force in other crayons and they can break as well. Crayons will break more easily, but I'm willing to lose some crayons to gain some organization.


Commerce Township, MI


Crayola makes the best stuff


My kids love coloring and I still do.  So when I saw the crayon tower I bought it.  You can actually see the color so its easier to choose.  I wish that they made one bigger and empty so I could put my own (crayola of course) crayons in it.  It makes coloring so much easier.  Especially for the little ones.  My only problem with it is that after awhile it kept falling down and we had to buy another.


Macungie, PA


Great Selection of Colors!


I'm reviewing the Crayola Tower of 150 crayons! This is a great product! I work in daycare and my 3 year olds love to color! Even though i work in daycare we get the same boring colors; red orange yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black. I purchased this tower of crayons on my own and will bring it out from time to time when I only have a few kids. They love it! Not only is there a great variety of colors but its different than just a box of crayons. It's a cool tower. They think of it as a castle! They color for hours with this tower of crayons. The best part is that there is a crayon sharpener that fits in the tower and it's removeable when it comes time to sharpening the crayons. The kids also find it cool that you can sharpen crayons. With the regular crayons at the daycare we always tossed when they got crummy now we can sharpen those too and they love doing it themselves. Great buy!


Milton, WI


Crayola's tower of 150 crayons is AWESOME!


I'm reviewing the Crayold tower of 150 crayons.  This is an excellent product.  My daughter loves to color and I was forever buying more and more crayons and she complained that she always had the same colors.  With this tower, there is nearly and unlimited supply of color and she can make all kinds of rainbow colors.  We have really enjoyed sharing time coloring pictures and making art projects with these crayons.  There is also a crayon sharpener that fits right in the tower, making it easy to keep track of.  the sharpener comes out to dump out the shavings, so I don't have to worry about the crayons going in the garbage can when the sharpener needs to be emptied.  the only thing that I wish that it had was a hard plastic cover like the set of markers does.  Otherwise, I would definatly purchase this as a gift for other children who are very creative and enjoy coloing as much as my daughter and I do.


Ely, IA


Crayola 150 Crayon Telescoping Tower

4.7 6