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Salt/Pepper Grinders
Crate & Barrel
Crate & Barrel Mini Salt/Pepper Grinders

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Durable And Perfect For Personal Portions Of Fresh Ground Pepper


I am not sure why I did it. We already had two other pepper grinders- a very tall wooden one that cost a LOT of money, and another smaller square one which had salt AND pepper in it, and you could grind that as well. I just couldn't resist, however, when I saw the Crate & Barrel Mini Pepper Grinder in the kitchen gadget section- I bought one. Boy, am I glad I did! When my other two pepper grinders started to give me a lot of problems, I quickly enlisted the help of my Crate & Barrel Mini Pepper Grinder which was still in the package, and was able to have wonderful solid pepper grinding quickly without missing a beat. Ease of Cleaning The outside of this little grinder is very easy to wipe clean. It is sleek and attractive and easy to keep it that way. Durability This has lasted us about four years so far, and we use it all of the time. I think that the way it is designed is much more sturdy than the other turn the top versions that quit working on us. Design The Crate & Barrel Pepper Grinder is designed to be held in one hand and using the thumb, you press down a spring loaded button on a shaft and the round stainless steel tube that is held in one hand has pepper that comes out of the bottom. The grinder part below is solid and done sort of like a filing motion instead of two gears grinding together. This seems a lot more solid. There is also a window for easy viewing so you can see when it needs more pepper added. I love the way this is set up and how easy it is to use with one hand. It is not for grinding a LOT of pepper, but just enough for a personal portion.


Podunk, NY


I just don't get it.


I get it. You can have fresh ground pepper with one hand. But I just don't see the point. I can shake pepper with one hand. I can grind pepper much better with a regular grinder and can do it without strangely contorting my thumb. And you have to refill it constantly.


Washington, DC


Love to entertain with classy gadgets!


So I was at Thanksgiving dinner last year with my boyfriend's aunts, who I have to say live in a fabulous home well stocked with all the ammenities and necessities one could dream up. Yes, there is an espresso machine in the master bath and naturally there is a dishwasher there as well for the coffee cups. We were enjoying our lavish meal around the table when I asked for the pepper and promptly was passed what looked like a nice pepper milll. After a few minutes of confusion and trying every which way to get the pepper out of the mill and on to my salad, my fellow diners stopped their laughing and explained the push button at the top. What ensued was nothing other than pure genius as I listened to little motor grind and a neat, precise stream of consistently ground organiz black pepper gracefully snowed onto my spinch leaves. Wow, what charm, what elegance! Nothing complemented the meal, the house, the ambiance more than this little gadgets that I found at C&B the next day during Black Friday sales. Finally, peace when entertaining.


Chicago, IL


Fancy Salt & Pepper Shaker


Crate & Barrel always has fun items.. especially simple items like a salt & pepper shaker.  We had a lot of gift cards from our recent wedding, so we went to C&B looking to upgrade on a few items.  My husband picked out these **Crate and Barrel Mini Salt/Pepper Grinders** .  They managed to make them slim, chic & easy to use... so I agreed that we should two.  I really like this product because it is small and doeasn't take up too much space in the kitchen and can be taken onto the diiner table and still look classy.  Their shiny steel outside matches our kitchen wonderfully.  The only problem that I had was that sometimes the salt pieces get stuck in the grinder part of the shaker, but that can happen with any product like this.  It was easy to open up to clear the piece that got stuck.  I am very pleased with them and have had many compliments on them. I would recommend any modern household have a set!  


Marlton, NJ


Crate & Barrel Mini Salt/Pepper Grinders

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