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Crane Thomas the Train Humidifier

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Thomas the Train Humidifier works well and is very cute.


I purchased the Thomas the Train humidifier a little over a year ago. We have used it often and it works very well. My daughter loves playing in the steam which is very helpful when she is sick. We just put it in the living room on a towel and she played by it and with it because it looks just like a toy.The night light option is also very helpful. I also like that you can adjust the power of the steam coming out.My only complaint is that it sometimes leaves big puddles of water on the floor if the air circulation isn't very good. We always have the ceiling fan on, but I guess it isn't enough. So, as a precautionary measure I would always put a trash bag and towel under it and don't place it right next to curtains, wallpaper or anything else that could get damaged by water. Overall this is a wonderful and cute humidifier and comes with a inexpensive price tag. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a humidifier. 


Apopka, FL


Great humidifier for Thomas lovers


My 3 year old son is a huge Thomas fan and I was so excited to find a humidifier that looks like one of his favorite characters.  It fits in well in his room and he loves to watch the mist puff out of the smoke stack like it does on a real train.  The humidifier also has an optional night light, which is a great feature for small children. I bought the humidifier because he had been coughing a lot and seemed like his throat was getting very dry during the winter.  He showed immediate improvement the first night we used it and I noticed he even sleeps in later in the morning when the humidifier is on. I have to keep the level of mist pretty low, because if it's turned up his dresser and everything around the humidifier ends up soaking wet.  I always keep a towel under the humidifier when it is running.  After filling the tank all the way I can usually run the humidifier for about 5 12-hour nights before I need to refill it.  The humidifier makes a quiet humming noise, but it doesn't seem to bother my son. One thing I like about this Crane humidifier that is different than the Crane duck humidifier that I also own is that the Thomas hudifier has separate dials for turning the humidifier on and setting the level of mist.  This allows me to find the best setting and leave the dial there and not have to try to guess every night at where the dial needs to be. The one thing I really dislike about this humidifier is that it's difficult to get really clean.  I clean the humidifier every week or two and it can be quite a chore to scrub all the gunk off and really get into all the cracks.


Ann Arbor, MI


Crane Thomas the Train Humidifier

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