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Crane Heating and Air Conditioning EE5058 1 Gallon Humidifier

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very cute, but just ok


i love the crane designs - they're super cute. as far as function, it works ok, as long as it's cranked up pretty high. the plastic is not super durable - the handle WILL BREAK if you carry it when it's full. The humidifying function of it worked ok - our apartment is extermely dry, so the maximum humidity that was ever reached was just barely 30%, even with the dial turned as far up as it would go. however, it could be because the room we needed it in is fairly large (12 feet by 22 feet). i think in a regular sized bedroom it would work much better. cleaning it was kind of ok - there is not that big of a hole to get in and really clean, so i just used some vinegar and water, swirled it around, and let it sit for an hour or so and hoped that that was enough.

Pittsburgh, PA


Cutest Humidifier Ever!


I bought this for my daughter who is now seven months old. She was born in the Year of the Dragon so I had to get the dragon! I love it, I don't know how other humidifiers are, but the ones I've had before are all the same, it gets pretty moist if you ruh it for a long period of time, but I just put a towel under it and make sure I keep electronics away. One thing I wish they did was have the mist come out of the dragon's nose, but it comes out the eyes on top. Makes sense since you want it to be higher, but it would be extra cute coming out the nostrils! This is strictly water mist, no filers or special drops needed (but I think you can add cooling drops or something) which is great since I feel like it is safer for an infant. Plus, it's better looking than the other humidifiers out there.

Warrenton, VA


Crane Heating and Air Conditioning EE5058 1 Gallon Humidifier

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