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Craig Electronics
Craig Electronics - 3p3 cmp1240E

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This product was horrid.


I'm not impressed with this one. The whole design is pretty bulky, and the controls aren't easy to figure out, even with a manual. I couldn't even find a reliable source online to tell me how to work it. There seems to be some battery trouble, with mine at least, and I charged it for the recommended amount of time when I first go it, but the battery drains quickly and is dead within two hours or so. The touch screen is very, very bad. I'm not sure what the main problem with it is; if it's too thick, or maybe not sensitive enough, but it isn't really a touch screen. It's more of a violently pound at the same spot until it decides to work or goes back to the main menu-screen. The worst part of the touch screen would have to be the corners where, incidentally, all of the menu and controls are while you listen to your music. I was really looking forward to having a high quality, working touch screen music player when I got this, but all I felt was disappointment.

Merced, CA


Craig Electronics - 3p3 cmp1240E

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