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Chain Saws
Craftsman Chainsaw

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Solid Chainsaw


All around this is a solid chainsaw. It isn't the biggest or fanciest saw around (or the most expensive), but it will get the job done. We haven't used it extensively (all day every day), but for projects around the house (cutting up one or two trees that fell in a storm or cutting up several bigger branches that fell), it worked great. It's comfortable to held and relatively easy to maneuver. If one has never used a chainsaw before, then this is a good model to start on and get things figured out. I had never used one before this one, and I figured it out pretty easily once I read the directions and got going. The directions and safety warnings are well-written, and they provide valuable information before starting. The only problem we had was when the chain started binding, but we were cutting through a pine that had a lot of sap, so it may have been the sap that clogged it up. It didn't seem to have problems later after it was cleaned out a bit.




Good buy, great quality


I had a some work to do around the yard like taking out a stump that was still there when I bought my house and started decaying. Also some of the evergreens died so I had to take them out so I bought this 18 inch 42cc 2-Cycle gas chain saw in order to do that. I'm extremely happy with this buy. This saw is very well built and looks and feels sturdy and of good quality. The 18 inch blade is better than the 16 inch blade in some other saws. It's not light weight but not heavy either. I have to say that this was the first time I have ever used a chain saw and was worried about how easy it would be to handle. I read part of the manual and started using it. By the way i had to buy a chain lubricator since it does not come with any. Starting was easy and handling was not hard at all. I got used to it real fast. I like the kick back safety feature it has to prevent enjuries. I one used the top of the saw to make a cut I felt a small kick back and the chain immediatly stoped. All in all I'm very pleased with this chain saw and happy to have bought it.


Toledo, OH


Buy the chainsaw I like it alot.


I like my chainsaw alot. We have lots of yard work that needs to be done from clearing fence line to clearing old foundatons. The chainsaw is making these jobs much easier by cutting my work time in at least half if not more. It has the power to do the big jobs like cutting tree limbs, but at the same time the ability to handle little jobs in areas that are hard for me to get into. To me it is the best chainsaw for the money. It offers versatility, affordability, and quality.  


Mena, AR




**When it comes to the hard work** of felling trees and cutting them into firewood, there's just no substitute for the chain saw. This machine is loud, oily and smelly-attributes you'll quickly forget after you drop a tree in under a minute. A couple of hours with one is enough to prepare a pickup-full of firewood or to whittle down a big pile of brush created by a windstorm that just swept through. These saws have been around for nearly 90 years and have improved steadily all along. Today's machines are easy-starting, well-mannered and have a high power-to-weight ratio. Most important, they cut with a vengeance. In fact, they're so good, it's hard to find a bad one. Still, clear differences emerge between homeowner and pro ­models. To find out what those are, we spent three days pruning an ancient orchard, felling trees and crosscutting them into logs. The ­seven saws we tested had engines in the 35 to 38 cc range with bars 16 to 18 in. long. Here's what we found, after the smoke cleared and the sawdust settled.


Pleasant Hill, OR


Craftsman Chainsaw

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