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Table Saws
Craftsman Professional 10 inch Portable Table Saw

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Awsome table saw, buy it now!


I purchased this table saw to do fixer up tasks around the house.  It has worked wonderfully.  I have built a deacon bench, craft items for my children and family members.  It has worked great.  I completed all of the trim and finish work on one of my children's home and it stood up to the rigors and demands I placed on it.  I would recommend this tool for anyone that is doing home repairs, hobbies or craft work for yourself, family and friends.

Shelley, ID


Very useful, highly recommended!


The 10" craftsman miter saw comes in handy for home repair and/or building your own items. I highly recommend getting one if you are a handyman. I would definately go with the 10" in lieu of the 7 1/2". For the price and uses, it is a much better deal .

Anniston, AL


Craftsman Professional 10 inch Portable Table Saw

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