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Craftsman Non-Slip Drawer Liner Roll


Keep your tools in place with Non-slip Drawer Liner Roll.

Line your trays and drawers with the Craftsman Drawer Liner Roll to keep your tools from sliding around while in storage. This liner can be cut to fit the drawers in your toolbox, providing a non-slip surface that will prevent your tools from coming unorganized. Tools rest softly on the black cushioned surface, so they're less likely to get dinged up and scratched. Your tools will last longer as a result and will look better too.

This Non-slip Drawer Liner Roll measures 22-1/8 inches wide and has a total length of 85-1/2 inches. Depending on the size of your tool chest, that's enough material to line up to 8 drawers. The material has an open-weave design helps prevent rust by pulling moisture away from your tools. Your tools are a big investment, and this liner better protects them while in storage or during transport.

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Great liner for tool drawers!


I picked up the Craftsman Non-Slip Drawer Liner Roll for my cabinet tool drawers and tool boxes. The liner fabric is thick and extremely durable, which I found out when I tried to cut it with scissors for a custom fit unsuccessfully. I had to use a utility knife to cut this fabric in to accurate pieces. This liner does a great job of keeping my drawers and tool boxes clean, organized, and relatively new looking for the most part. I can close or pull out a drawer and majority of my tools will remain in the same spot. The only tools that move are my screwdrivers and basically any tool with a round shape, but the movement is very minimum. This liner surprisingly does a good job of keeping my tools from rolling around rapidly in my tool box, which has helped to prevent dents. My tools still roll around, but they don't smash up against the box during transporting. I would definitely recommend the Craftsman Non-Slip Drawer Liner Roll to anyone looking to keep their drawers clean from debris and to help maintain organization.


Westchester, IL


Craftsman Non-Slip Drawer Liner Roll

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