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Craftsman Mouse Sander

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Very good mouse


First thanks for make like this mouse very good



Hard to believe this is a Craftsman


Not a robust design, pad oscillates on 3 plastic legs that do not hold up with normal occasional weekend DIY projects. Once any of the 3 legs break the sander vibrates erratically and is hard to control. The legs are integral to the sander body and are not replaceable rendering the sander useless.



The Craftsman Mouse Sander goes where other sanders won't go.


The Craftsman Mouse sander gets into those small, tight little corners that other sanders won't. It's very light weight and easy to operate. It doesn't vibrate a lot so it's easy on the hand. The shape of the sander fits the hand nicely for comfort and ease of control.  You do have to buy specific sand paper for it. It's a velcro grip and they come cut to fit and in a variety of grits. They are very easy to change, just peel off the old and stick on the new. No more cutting and fighting the old clip type sanders. The Mouse sander kit comes with 4 detail attachments that are easy to change and several pieces of different grit sand paper. And all this in a convenient carrying case. It's very handy for those detailed sanding projects especially with the finger attachments. It does get a little warm if you run it too long at a time. Just give it a little break. Be sure to clean it after each use as you would with any other sander. I have had no problems with it and find it to be one the handiest tools in my garage.

Colona, IL


Excellent Specialty Sander


This is an excellent tool for doing finish pad sanding type of work. It's one of the few that can reach into corners. I own the 120 volt/corded tools for years and have recently had the pleasure of using the 19.2 volt C3 accessory Mouse Sander to chase down spackled holes, gouges and dings all around the workplace at Sears. These are some very handy tools to own. Highly recommended.

San Jose, CA


Craftsman Mouse Sander

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